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February 2, 2010
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Funny Nasty E-mail

Name withheld:

Dear Sir
I have ordered 3 days. Up till now I have not use it because i ordered your service yestrday and was waiting for long (more than 6 hours ) Please let me know when the days started to be counted?
Is it from the date of order? if yes  then i will try to recover my payment. and I will never use your service again. Moreever, i will post a foroum on the net to advice pepole not to use your service. Please let me know?


This was sent at 3 am our time and despite our notice stating that it might take a few hours and when we do our key generation. Great spelling, great mixture of passive/aggressive…and all round general FAIL.

Being a prick, I denied his request.


  1. Dukeaxr says:

    Dear sir,

    OMG..Why did you denied his request..? 😉 just kidding..

    Being a prick certainly have its advantages,
    for one being denied the best service and customer support..hehehe
    and he has the balls to even BLACKMAIL you..
    maybe you should not have withheld his name..
    he should give the add of the FOROUM so we can all grill him for his attitude..

    Thank you
    just my 2 cent..

  2. whiplash says:

    Ironic…. I just got whiplash just now. I sent renewal at 3:02pm… Renewal email from BolehVPN came back at 3:05pm with keys 🙂

  3. Dukeaxr says:

    wow…3 minutes..
    It show what GOOD service we are provided..
    But some people just do not know how to appreciate it..
    Thank you BolehVPN..
    you complete my movie/anime/games/etc collection..

  4. adam7979 says:

    he tot 365 days subscription take longer time to process, like 36.5 hours so 3 days trail application should comes back to him in like 3 min…

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