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August 30, 2014
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FullyRouted-USA Update

This is a notice that we are transferring the FullyRouted USA Configuration to the SurfingStreaming-USA. This is NOT a termination of our US server.

Here’s to clarify any confusion.

FullyRouted implies that it’s a free for all and you can use anything on it including P2P. However this is not possible for the US due to DMCA complaints and the constant threat of takedowns. We feel that P2P is best used for servers outside the US such as in Canada and in most cases there is no slowdown. Therefore the only reason we can see to use a US is mainly for surfing/streaming securely and other non p2p related activities. We tried getting around it for a while but due to constant abuse, we had to remove the FR-USA server and convert it to a Non p2p server.

The Surfing Streaming can be used for most things except p2p but because there are certain filters to prevent P2P from going through, sometimes some activities get caught hence we name it Surfing/Streaming to differentiate it from being used for P2P. The Surfing Streaming does route your entire connection over the US server so it is just as secure as the FR-USA server.

As always, please update your configurations to get the latest servers, BolehVPN client users can do this from the Settings tab of the BolehVPN client. If you’re not using our BolehVPN client, you’ll have to update manually.

Happy Surfing!


  1. Hmm says:

    Yeah except the Canadian server blocks p2p as well as doing some funny business with ssl. I go to one big website via https with all servers but if I use the .ca one, it doesn’t work, I’m forced to browse in plaintext. Very suspicious.

  2. Reuben says:

    Could you drop us an email at with your logs from the Canadian server (FR-Canada right?) as well as what website you’re accessing where this issue occurs? We are unable to replicate it on our side with tests to different websites running https.

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