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May 11, 2010
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May 20, 2010
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FTP speeds throttled by TM

It appears that TM has deprioritized FTP traffic and this is affecting our seedbox users.

We are now testing enabling HTTP for all our seedbox users. Before we do this, we require your help in testing the following test download files and telling us what speeds you get:

  1. http://sb1.bolehvpn.net/test1GB.bin
  2. http://sb2.bolehvpn.net/test1GB.bin
  3. http://colossus.bolehvpn.net/test1GB.bin


  1. TMnutz says:

    around 25KB/s

  2. Pitboss says:

    Can you be a bit specific la bro. Which server you downloading from and which steamyc or ISP are u using?

  3. Krizalis says:

    On Jaring Wired BB,

    1. and 2. goes up to my max bandwidth which is 100kB/s around after 5 – 8 seconds
    3. sometimes up to 100kB/s sometimes down back to 50kB/s.. It’s like stock exchange up down up down..

  4. Emmanuel says:




    low:72 kb/s



    on: Streamyx G.Lite Home 1.0M Basic 95 (512 upgraded) ip 124.**.**.***

  5. onephatcow says:

    I’m not having any problems with FTP speeds frankly, though during peak times, ftp speeds seem to drop from 170-ish KB/s down to 85-95 KB/s.

    Not so sure http would benefit me all that much but if both were available, that could be useful if one or the other gets throttled to hell.

  6. Acputra says:

    Using streamy*ss

    1. and 2. around 130 kb/s to 160 kb/s,
    3. 20 kb/s to 35 kb/s

  7. b says:

    Streamyx in Miri, Sarawak:
    1. Average of 189KB/s with spikes to 202KB/s
    2. and 3. Average of 170KB/s wth spikes to 190KB/s

    Tested downloading from each server with 5 concurrent connections.

  8. VonDooku says:

    Using Colossus … FTP from IDM and getting full-speed at 560kBps … The test 1GB file from HTTP download via IDM also getting full-speed at 550-560kBps … IP range 218.111.x.x

  9. chairman says:

    IP range 218.111.x.x
    Getting speeds 450-460 kB/s for http download of the Colossus test file using IDM

  10. jh says:

    Using streamyx 1mb

    1&2 average 108-120kb/s
    3 between 88-115kb/s

  11. milo says:

    On streamyx 1MB

    IP: 60.49.xx.xxx

    sb1 about 120 – 150kb/s
    sb2 about 90 – 150kb/s
    colossus – around 120 -160kb/s


  12. ulalah says:

    Streamyx package : 1Mb
    IP Range : 115.132.XXX.XXX
    Test date: 17-MAy-2010
    Test time: 9:05 PM
    1. : ave download speed – 1.5kb/s
    2. : ave download speed – 1.4kb/s
    3. : ave download speed – 7.8 kb/s

    Note: The test was stop after 5 min of test due to long download time

  13. danlegion says:

    I’m using 512 Package paying 66 Per month

    current IP is : 118.101.X.X

    Dowloading 1st link at speed of 0.98KB/s OMG? i was expecting something more… must be something wrong with streamyx connection now 0.0KB/s

  14. ZackleR says:

    Internet IP Address: 115.135.xxx.xx

    Using 4mb, the “SUPER UPGRADE DEALS” RM140 per month 😀

    1) 70-210 kb/s

    2) 170 – 220 kb/s

    3) 160 kb/s tops, than downnnn to 90 kb/s

    Tested around 2.30am on Tuesday morning 😀

  15. Franky says:

    using 4mb Streamyx. Tested with IDM 5.29 and 8 connectons per file. IP: 218.111.xx.xx

    1) 480KB/s – 500Kb/s
    2) 400KB/s – 450Kb/s
    3) 500Kb/s – 560Kb/s


  16. Franky says:

    just a small idea…..

    i use the Filezilla and IDM. Mostly Filezilla’s download speed is not stable and very slow

    Idm is working superb if change the connections to 8 or more ( more connections more faster u get it )

    Only based on my Experiences… 😀


  17. Acputra says:

    can use IDM to download file from seedbox ka?

  18. Franky says:

    @ Acputra….Sure you can, coz you will download the file from Seedbox via Http or Ftp only. Both works on IDM


  19. Acputra says:

    thanx, at least my download speed just like bfore.

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