Forum Membergroups cleaned up – Please Re-apply

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February 11, 2010
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February 15, 2010
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Forum Membergroups cleaned up – Please Re-apply

We had a lot of confusing membergroups which we decided to remove to streamline permissions management.

As such we have deleted the IPT Verified User, Newbie (limited), BolehSurf Beta Tester and also Regular group. Unfortunately, SMF forums has no facility to move all users from one group to another and as such, they may have defaulted to having no Group and therefore restricted permissions.

We apologize for the inconvenience caused but this is a one-time move. Please re-apply for Support Access which is now a lot simpler:

Step 1:

Go to the Group Membership page as linked.

Step 2:

From Available Groups, select BolehVPN Subscriber by clicking on Request Membership.

Step 3:

In the text box, please enter your BolehVPN username (that you provided to us during the e-mail you sent to us when ordering!) and the date that you ordered.

Step 4:

Click Submit Request. Now wait for an Admin to approve your membership request.


  1. darkeden says:

    Hmmm… This is odd. When I click on the link in step 1, this is what I got

    An Error Has Occurred!
    The user whose profile you are trying to view does not exist.

  2. masterelr says:

    The date that I ordered? Is it the date that I first registered for BolehVPN (which is a few years back so I might need to dig back my old emails to find the exact date)? Or the date of the email I last sent to you when ordering a package?

  3. pitboss says:

    masterelr, that date will be sometime in April 2007, lol

  4. masterelr says:

    Dang. Yeah..just remembered I can check through my profile. Thanks, pitboss. xD

  5. naox says:

    I’m join bolehvpn since 2008. When click the link for register again (group membership page)…An error has occurred.
    So now …how??

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