FireSheep, hijacking Facebook accounts and how BolehVPN can help you

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FireSheep, hijacking Facebook accounts and how BolehVPN can help you

What is FireSheep?

Firesheep is a new Firefox plugin that makes it easy for someone to hijack your social network connections (for e.g. Facebook/Twitter) over a public unsecured WIFI connection. It does this by ‘sniffing’ for your cookies and captures your authentication information for accounts it sees, allowing the ‘hacker’ to hijack the connection.
What does this Mean to You?

Although this is nothing new, Firesheep makes it exceedingly easy for anyone with a little computer knowledge to hijack someone’s social network account potentially allowing a FireSheep user to view all your information on your Facebook, Twitter, Flickr, Tumblr and Yelp.
How can BolehVPN Help?

Our completed encrypted fully routed connections will prevent this (BolehRoute/US-SurfingStreaming) as it will encrypt all your data making FireSheep unable to intercept your data. So the next time, you’re surfing through Facebook in a public wi-fi area for instance Starbucks/Coffee Bean, make sure that either
  1. Your Wi-fi is secured with WEP/WPA protection (WPA2 is preferable); or
  2. use BolehRoute or US-SurfingStreaming while in these locations.

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