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July 10, 2014
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July 15, 2014
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Final IPT Solution

After speaking with the founder of IPT, we have worked out a final solution.


We will continue giving out invites to those who request for it provided they are 180 day subscribers and above. For those who have been customers with us for 2 years or more but have been taking subscriptions of 30-60 days at a time and with a generally unbroken subscription will be considered on a case by case basis.

This is given free and is normally a 20 USD value. Users who have their accounts terminated or suspended by IPT will not get another invite so this is a one time gift.


To be entitled for freeleech, you would need an active 180 day or 365 day package.

A special donation page will be made available upon request by opening a support ticket with us and letting us know your IPT username. We will add you to a whitelist which will allow you to donate to IPT and get FreeLeech at the following prices:

6 months: 50 USD (Normal Price: 150 USD)
12 months: 80 USD (Normal Price: 300 USD)

These monies go directly to IPT and do not pass through us. We are not taking any cut from this but will be used by IPT to support the site. Once you have redeemed your freeleech, you will lose access to the donation page until your next renewal with us and the process is repeated as above.

What does this mean?

The days of free freeleech are over. It was good while it lasted but it was taken for granted and abused and there is no way I can convince IPT to allow it to happen again. As such there needs to be individual accountability and this is achieved by everybody having their own IPT accounts. It is noted that you can still use IPT without the freeleech option but from time to time take advantage of the freeleech offer to help you rebuild your ratio.

As for the pricing, this was decided by the IPT founder and is at a massive discount from the normal price. I had originally asked for a lower price but he was not agreeable. This will allow people to support IPT with their donations and to make it worthwhile for them to continue the arrangement while locking down on abusers. It is also hoped that with IPT freeleech now requiring donations, it would make people think twice before sharing their accounts or torrents.

Please note that no one is obliged to take the IPT or freeleech offer and should be viewed as a discount option rather than a free gift.

When will this be Available?

I was told to give him until Tuesday to affect the necessary coding to make this happen. Until then we’ll resume handing out invites to eligible customers upon request.


  1. Gorg says:

    That is more than fair. Thank you for all your efforts here. You have truly reached out far beyond what was necessary to do for us.

    Take care!

  2. Blitzoid says:

    Happy with that! Thanks to Ipt & Boleh!

  3. Liew says:

    may i know how do i get the invite for the account?

  4. ZY says:

    Dear Reuben,
    I think for the past years, we get used to this free gift from you. Imposing quotas and ratios may shy some of us away. Anyway, we will see how this goes. Best Regards.

  5. Reuben says:

    ZY: It’s not as if I do this willingly. If people leave because of this, so be it. This is more sustainable in the long term.

    Btw there is no quota or ratio on this. This is FREELEECH. It just means that now people would have to donate to IPT for it when it was previously a free gift.

    Liew: Just open a ticket with us by dropping an e-mail at support@bolehvpn.net if you’re a customer with a 180 day or 365 day sub.

  6. Blitzoid says:

    Zy pay your .22 cents a day for the year and get Freeleech with no “quotas and ratios”. Give your head a shake, this is a FANTASTIC deal.

  7. ShadowTek says:

    Sounds reasonable and sustainable.

    Having to work for something is the only way some people will show respect for it.

  8. slowlineuser says:

    Does the freeleech fee mean we do not have to maintain our ration if we pay USD 80 for 1 year or USD 50 for half year?

  9. ZY says:

    Reuben, I understand and I am not trying to argue. But no matter how IPT termed it, to get “used-to-be free gift’, there will be additional cost involves. Unless, as I mentioned people don’t mind living in quota and ratio.
    Too bad… we have to go through this due to unethical act from the very few of us!

  10. juke5 says:

    Hey Reuben, just wondering i’m on the 2 year VPN plan and now have roughly 1.5 years left. once i redeemed the FL for a year and lose access to the donation page, i have no way to renew the FL for the remainder 6 months till my renewal date?

  11. marsrover says:


    Can you please pass along on how to get an invite.

    Thank You

  12. Sparda says:

    Seems fair enough a price. I’ve been using the freeleech account for a few days and its crazy hard to maintain a good ratio on your own. But happens to my current freeleech account, does it get converted as well or should I just apply for another one? I’m a 365-day subscriber.

  13. yaku says:

    for those who want to build your ratio and still have the previously downloaded stuff from when freeleech was around, you can do a redownload of the torrent file, and start the torrent pointing to the previous downloaded directory, that’s what I’ve been doing with my individual ipt account.

  14. Daniel says:

    Thanks Reuben for sorting this out, I was disappointed to see IPT access was abused by subscribers but that did not stop me from renewing my BolehVPN subscription for another year (just renewed 2 days ago). However I went ahead and paid USD20 to IPT the day BolehVPN IPT access ceased to work.

    I foresee it will be a challenge to maintain upload ratio but I fully support the need to be individually accountable. Well done Reuben for coming out with a fair solution so quickly.

  15. Thraxugrut says:

    This sounds good to me, a sizable discount from what is available directly through IPT, which was high enough for me to hold off paying and just build ratio. Just to confirm, accounts which were created outside of the BolehVPN invites are still eligible upon supplying the username as long as we have sufficient boleh subscription (180+ day subs)? We wait until Tuesday to open tickets for this access or can we put them in the queue now for when the programming is completed?

  16. biznitch says:

    Awesome deal, thank you for all the hard work. Keep up the good work.

  17. Jonz80 says:

    Reuben : I have already requested for an IPT account last week, how does that work for me now? Do i still request for a new account or just use the current account i Created on IPT.

  18. Jonz80 says:

    Reuben : Disregard my question above. You did mentioned that we need to open a ticket with our “IPT Account Name”

  19. ziggy47 says:

    Reuben, I second juke5’s concern. The plan you set out above states: “Once you have redeemed your freeleech, you will lose access to the donation page until your next renewal with us and the process is repeated as above.” As described, those of us on a 2-year VPN subscription will lose freeleech access for up to a year.

    Perhaps you could explain the logic behind this restriction. Wouldn’t it make more sense for freeleech renewal to be possible during the full duration of the VPN subscription?

  20. Rando2438 says:

    Are you looking into any other sites besides IPT? I understand that we don’t have to join and or pay additional fees but this price seems high to me. I think you could find a better site at a more reasonable price. I still suspect IPT is simply shaking everyone down for big money. From free to 80 a year? Doesn’t even make sense. 80 dollars may not be much for some people but for others it is prohibitively expensive. You should at least try shopping around.

  21. tryahya says:

    Thank you for the effort. You made my day 🙂

  22. Shahrin says:

    those people who misussed the ipt access should have been put down… the people who used it properly have to pay for their bad behavior…. i have just renewed my boleh vpn account yesterday.. and shocked to see that ipt is no longer free…. if been using boleh vpn since 2011.. on a 60 days package…

  23. Sparda says:

    Disregard my last message, I meant I received the normal invite account last week. So to get the discount for freeleech I’ve got to link that to my bolehvpn account? I’ll wait and see how it goes 🙂

  24. seraph says:

    yes, i would suggest you try to shop around instead of sticking to IPT which will be additional burden to all, it is not only IPT in this world

  25. seraph says:

    why punishing all of us with additional cost for those with bad behaviour? like imposing RM4K below to allow petrol subsidy in order to curb smuggling?

  26. maxbudin says:

    Hmmm… IPT almost cost as much as vpn. Anyway, so now poor AnandaAstro gonna loose more customers. For the money they ask, their services didnt equal quality supplied. So there (thumbing me nose at them)

    1. Is this a time limited IPT freeleech offer, or will it be available so long as the Boleh customer qualifies as based on stipulations above?

    2. What are acceptable modes of payment to IPT, can/does this include MOL?

    3. “Users who have their accounts terminated or suspended by IPT will not get another invite so this is a one time gift.”

    Does the above mean that the freeleech that we pay for is… a …. “one time gift” …. good to the maximum of 12 months and there after nada/reset?

    3. Now there will be two accounts, the other with IPT. Can we safely say our privacy/secuirty is still intact?

    4. As already pointed out by some before me, please clarify how the …

    “Once you have redeemed your freeleech, you will lose access to the donation page until your next renewal with us and the process is repeated as above.”….. works.

    Thanks, pardon me for not being clear on these things.

  27. Aaron says:

    Problem with ipt is even though we get an a account and free leech we still need to make sure the free leech is seeded 1:1 if not we will get a hit and run which seems pretty hard to maintain

  28. maxbudin says:

    @seraph bro, why ask other people to shopping, you can do it too you know.

    After all, who better to know your own preferences for that perfect fit, if not yourself, yes? You might not be satisfied with what others are happy with. Thats why there are so many sites out there.
    There are, ……. no restrictions, the possibilities, ……endless……So long as you have VPN. Hmmm… I sound like an advert. Peace, bro

  29. Jonathan Huntley says:

    Excellent outcomes so far, nicely done. 3 follow ons from the above …

    Following on from Sarpda’s second msg above: Having received an IPT invitation and paid for a 100Gb download package whilst this was all being sorted out, will I still get access to the one-time limited period Freeleach offer?

    Following on from Aaron’s msg above: Can you (or IPT) please provide tutorial / instruction on configuring uTorrent etc for best results to achieve 1:1 ratios with minimal exposure over BolehVPN?

    Following on from Liew’s msg: Same query from me – how do we receive the invitation please?


  30. Sparda says:

    Yeah, is there some special setting to get good upload speeds in IPT? I’ve been downloading the high-seed freeleech torrents, but most of the time my upload speeds are 5-10kbps, totally unrealistic to actually build a decent ratio. I can max out my upload speeds immediately on other public trackers, but IPT seems to have some weird settings that restrict it.

    In the end I’ll probably pay just for the yearly freeleech account – it’s actually much, much cheaper that the normal freeleech account price (USD25 a month, yikes) on IPT.

  31. Moneybag says:

    Not a very good outcome from this all. The price for a year of subscription with boleh is 85 USD and 80 USD for IPT ( Freeleach ) account. That’s a total us USD 165 per year. You can get a year’s subscription of seedbox from a seedbox provider online. Almost around 200 USD per year. I just download my torrent’s to the seedbox and download the files from the seedbox to my computer. I can also use the seedbox with other private torrent’s website and seedbox have incredible upload rate rather than our home line’s crappy upload rate. Eventhough boleh is providing seedbox service, 20gb storage for the price of 12.70 USD per month ??? The active upload and download torrents slots are also capped. It’s too expensive.

    Even if you’re download a freeleach torrent in IPT you have to share it back to a ration of 1:1 or leave the torrent seeding until 16 days then you can remove it according to H&R Policy in IPT Rules.

  32. Jonathan Huntley says:

    If there’s a better way of operating torrents than using IPT then I’d love to know more about it Moneybag (or anyone else).

    To date IPT has been the best torrent solution I’ve encountered, but I’m happy to more on any alternatives. That said I’m not too chuffed about the idea of having to keep a file uploading for 16 days but que sera sera.

    Reuben’s done the best he can for us despite heavy criticism – not least from me.

  33. Moneybag says:


    There are a lot of private trackers out there. Find the 1 that is suited for u. Get a seedbox to reseed the torrents that you’ve have downloaded. IPT is not the only private. Give other site’s a try maybe you would get lucky.

    The link for private trackers is below……


  34. moloch says:

    This is in no way meant as a criticism, Reuben, since it’s clear that you’ve tried to make the best of a bad situation, but I think the IPT freeleecch cost is a bit high. (I suspect you’d agree since you say that you proposed a lower figure to the IPT owner, which he did not accept.)

    Whether people agree or not with this view, I can foresee one possible consequence.. Since not all Boleh subscribers are likely to take up the IPT freeleech offer, you are very likely to have many more Boleh users downloading using public torrents. As you know, public torrent sites are often monitored and seeded with dodgy torrents from the DCMA/IP brigade. I hope it doesn’t happen but be prepared for an increase in DCMA-type hassles as a result. of the IPT freeleech loss.

  35. Jonathan Huntley says:

    Thanks Moneybag, I’ll stick with IPT for the near future but if all goes base over apex I now know where else to look – much appreciated.

  36. Silver_Leaf says:

    Thanks for your hard work Reuben to get this situation resolved.

    Can you please clarify what we get for our $80 donation. Can we use this new IPT account just like we did previously? Can we download all we want and not worry about ratios, hit and run penalties etc. ?

    I’ve tried to google some stuff about IPT but haven’t been able to get a hold of the terms of usage conditions (didn’t read them while I had access lol). But the impression and concern I get from comments by other people and even some of the responses above is that the account we are signing up for won’t be the same as what we have been used to.

  37. Reuben says:

    Here are some clarifications. Sorry if I’ve missed out some 😀

    Q: Are FreeLeech users under this deal exempt from HnR? What are the differences from the old account?

    Yes you are exempt while the freeleech is active. No difference from the old shared account, just that you have to donate for it, you have your own account and therefore responsible for not abusing it. You also would have access to the forums etc since this is your own individual account.

    You don’t have to seed back so moneybag and Aaron’s comments are not correct and probably results from a misinterpretation of the rules. The rules state that a Freeleech TORRENT must be seeded back. This is NOT the same as Freeleech status on an account.

    Of course you’re recommended to seed back but because of freeleech it isn’t necessary. But it’s always good to build your upload anyway since once freeleech ends, you have a buffer! You also get bonus points from seeding back which allow you to redeem for upload credit or invites.

    All donors are exempt from inactivity pruning and Hit & Runs for the period of their freeleech.

    Q: What if you have already paid for FreeLeech or upload credit manually without the discount?

    You’ll have to wait till your freeleech expires then contact us to enable the donation page for you. If you purchased upload credit, the upload credit remains of course but there won’t be any refunds on this (we’re not IPT). WIth the upload credit you can upgrade to FreeLeech once the donation page is made available to you.

    Q: Why are you guys not looking for other private tracker sites besides IPT?

    IPT is one of the best and the only one which we I have a friendship with. Other private trackers wouldn’t entertain our requests. If you know of any other trackers willing to give such a deal, do let us know.

    Q: Why is it so expensive?

    This is the best I can do. It is still a massive discount off regular price. You have to realize that by allowing freeleech, in a way it’s ruining the IPT community since you are taking away from the bandwidth available to those who seed back. Therefore there’s a cost associated to this in the form of IPT having to seed more of its torrents back using its own resources though I’m sure there is also a profit element. As a quick note, most of the staff of IPT are actually rewarded only with IPT freeleech for all their work in tracking down abusers and maintaining order. If you are aware of a torrent site which the breadth of content available as IPT and charging the same price for such freeleech, do let me know :D.

    Q: How do you get an invite to IPT?
    If you’re a 180 or 365 day package user, drop us an e-mail at support@bolehvpn.net with your BolehVPN username. We’ll send you an invite to your requested e-mail.

    Q: What do you mean the donation page disappears after you’ve redeemed?
    Our systems are not linked to IPT’s for security and privacy reasons. However there needed to be a way to ensure that only people with a valid BolehVPN subscription can take advantage of its offer and not continue to do so after expiry. Therefore it’s a manual process that we need to do to add you to enable the donation page and once redeemed, the donation page will disappear until you renew with us again and request for the donation page to be re-enabled. Far from ideal of course but we will not sacrifice our independence or privacy for convenience.

  38. Reuben says:

    Q: What if I’m a two year subscriber?

    Don’t worry, once it expires, let us know again and we’ll re-enable the donation page for you. Just give us your IPT username then.

  39. Aaron says:

    If we are exempt from the hit and run that would be great even on freelance, read the rules and it states we still need to maintain a ratio of 1:1 even on freelance.
    anyway thanks Reubens for the clarification will stick to ipt in this case

  40. Jonathan Huntley says:

    I appreciate the clarification Reuben,
    I’m happy to stay and work with the new relationship.
    I’ll wait till my 100Gb credit with IPT expires and then contact support@bolehvpn.net for an invitation at the special rate you’ve negotiated for us.
    Sorry to have been a pain in the proverbial over this and thanks for sorting it all out.

  41. Jack Forrest says:

    Thanks for trying to help.
    For all those thinking they can’t build up a good ratio not using freeleech, I received an IPT account last week when this stuff went down, and have been seeding the stuff I’ve downloaded on freeleech before it was cancelled.
    I’ve uploaded 90 gigs in 8 days upload only (35/8 connection). No downloads.
    So it is possible to use the site without freeleech.
    Thanks for seeting up it, anyway. I’ll stick with the normal account.

  42. entilza says:

    Would like to propose including freeleech option for 1 month? Perhaps at USD9 or USD10 per month? May be useful for those who may prefer ‘by-month’ freeleech renewals.

    It may mean more admin work for BolehVPN staff in enabling the donation page …


  43. Kanuki says:


    What about re-negotiate and throw us some of the upload credit?

    You know it’s very very hard to get to upload something for IPT.
    I’ve been seeding for more than a week. Never once go above
    100KB/s. Normally 1-30KB/s only.

    Some more my package is 2 years package and it still have 1.5 year left.

    What about $80 for 1 year and $40 for half year which total of $120
    so that my IPT status gonna expire at the same time with my BolehVPN package?

  44. Jonathan Huntley says:

    Kanuki that’s good news – can you share your settings and app/version details please?

  45. Dave says:

    I for one am pleased with the outcome of this!

    We get a free invite to IPT which is not easy to find or would cost $20, and if we choose FreeLeech it costs a third of the price we would normally have to pay! These are GIFTS!

    The founder of IPT does not have to do this – its because of his friendship to Ruben who has passed it along to us. Ruben does not have to do this either. I doubt there is another VPN that has done something like this.

    A gift is just that – you can accept it or not. You don’t negotiate a gift and try to get another $10 or more of a gift when someone gives you something. Well, you could but may not be friends for long. I wouldn’t want Ruben trying to get a better gift from IPT or we may loose the one we now have.

    I use BolehVPN because its a great VPN. I was grateful for the old free gift and am grateful for this gift as long as it lasts!

    Thank you Ruben.

  46. neurolept says:

    I’d like to sign up please. Do let me know how.

  47. Kanuki says:

    @Jonathan Huntley

    – For BitComet – Disable BolehVPN

    – For uTorrent (By enabling ‘Encryption’ may help to improve the speed
    because it may can help to avoid the detection from your ISP so that
    they may not throttle down your speed and need not to rely on BolehVPN
    to get a fast connection anymore.

    – Set Maximum Connection to Unlimited

    – Seed a lot of famous torrents (My case 33 torrents)

    – Make sure you have a powerful router

  48. Kanuki says:

    With above setting…

    My seeding speed can go above 100KB/s (Around 100-130KB/s).

    I’m on ‘try and fail’ phase at the moment.

    Will update you again later if I have a better setting

  49. Jonathan Huntley says:

    Thanks Kanuki – I’ll do that. All helps with making the solution work.

  50. Aaron says:

    So when will we need to pay the 80usd? It’s already wednesday

  51. rrjp says:

    I’m happy with the outcome. To me, its a good deal which you unlikely to get elsewhere.
    Looking at the comments, most people just want to hit and run. Not good for torrent scene. But seriously, seeding is not the only mean to maintain ratio, there’s others too which you need to learn.

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