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September 8, 2009
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Excellent Cal-Lab Support

Just to let you know that after busting my expensive computer on a lightning strike behind a Belkin, I decided to give Cal-Lab (a Malaysian company)a try.

I have still no idea how reliable this item is but one thing is for sure is that their support is fantastic. I had raised my initial disappointment that the LAN only supports up to 100 Mbit and not gigabit. The guy called me up and explained everything to me and why they cannot fully support gigabit connections and even the science behind surges and the reasoning behind their setup. Took a good half an hour of his time! Of course, I don’t know how true all of this is but whatever it is, it made sense and the guy was very confident in his delivery and explanation. He suggested I get a customized setup that sacrifices some protection for gigabit speed and offered me a good price on the item but of course still recommended that I stick with the existing setup for 99.9% protection.

Although it is slightly disappointing that I was told full gigabit support was not in their list of priorities as they felt it was obsolete technology and that their main targets are home users….(I beg to differ with HD content being more prevalent nowadays, but didn’t think it necessary to argue on that), it is good to know that there are some home-grown Malaysian companies that take pride in their product and take the time to look after their customers.

Now if they could just improve their packaging and aesthetics….I mean come on…looks DO count in a consumer world:

compared to Belkin’s sexy (in lightning surge protector terms)


  1. Patrick Teong says:

    So after bursting your Belkin, do you get replacement for the Belkin or any insurance claim from them?

  2. dokidoki says:

    haha…great you like it…i will stick with cal lab for quite sometimes as long as they provide me good protection on the strike…


  3. absolut says:

    i can vouch for cal-lab quality as well.
    i went through 3 units due to lightning strike. all 3 times equipment no damage.
    best of all, striked (damaged) unit can be sent back for refurbishment for only rm25.

    another point to note is that cal-lab is so confident of their protection ability that they don’t rely on consumer equipment insurance, unlike Belkin (which market with some 25k insurance package).
    come on, if you’re that confident of your products, do you really need to rely on 3rd party insurance?

  4. Kurogane says:

    Yeah, I have to agree that CAL-LAB is a really good company with top-notch products. I once had constant problems with lightning and decided to invest in a few units (one for home, one for my college use) about 2 years ago. After that, there’s been zero lightning problems.

    In fact, I’ve never heard a satisfied customer of the Belkin products. Quite a lot of my friends used to use them but gave up on them after getting burned. In fact, just using a single simple AVR seems to be more safer than buying their overpriced products. Wouldn’t even recommend Belkin stuff to my enemies… well unless I really hate them.

  5. wakusuru says:

    maybe those “aesthetics” of those belkins is what reduce their reliability? 😛

  6. Reuben says:

    wakusuru: I don’t think so as they have some nice touches like the cable clips and rotatable power outlets. These things Cal-Lab should look into in making their product have greater appeal to the consumer market.

    I’ll be probably investing in a UPS as well.

  7. Noel Ho says:

    so what ca-lab surge protector did you get?

    Do they provide UPS as well? I bought a KOSS UPS and that thing sucks balls! Battery died after a few months!

    Compared to an APC UPS which I bought in 2002 and just only recently the battery died … thats 7 years of usage!!! APC is expensive, but from my exp, very very worth it!

  8. syawal says:

    @Rueben – great appeal you mean better design? fancy design but don’t work as promise is big sucker.

    @Noel – friends of my used cal-lab for lightning & surge protection.

  9. wk says:

    Why pay more for the expensive product, if the product do not work as stated, ie do not really protect your equipment from surges. So as smart consumers they will shop around and find the best value for money protection device for their equipments. Kudos to all those smart consumer!

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