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March 27, 2008
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April 1, 2008
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Entourage banned from our VPN servers

We have been receiving an excessive amount of Entourage infringement notices despite repeated warnings and are forced to take action. We will commence logging and if found will result in immediate termination of your account.

Thank you.

A newsletter has been sent out:

Dear Users,

There are a couple of people who insist to download HBO shows using our service despite repeated warnings on our blog, forums and newsletters.

As a result we have received numerous infringement notices and our hosts have threatened to terminate all our servers with them.

This is a final warning or we’ll be forced to begin logging and terminating these few irresponsible users that affect the entire population of Boleh Community users.

We have identified a few users particularly problematic using port:

17829 (John Adams)
47770 (John Adams)
65534 (Entourage)

Please do not download any of these shows on our US servers:

The Pacific Miniseries War
12 Miles of Bad Road Series Comedy
Generation Kill Miniseries Drama
In Treatment Series Drama
John Adams Miniseries Historical
True Blood Series Drama
Flight of the Conchords Series Comedy
Tell Me You Love Me Series Dramedy
Big Love Series Drama 020062006
Costas Now (formerly On the record with Bob Costas
Cathouse: The Series Series Documentary
Entourage Series Dramedy
Real Time with Bill Maher Series Talk show
Def Poetry Series Performance
Curb Your Enthusiasm Series Comedy
Boxing After Dark Series Sports
Real Sports with Bryant Gumbel Series Sports
Autopsy Series Documentary
Def Comedy Jam Series Comedy
Real Sex Series Documentary
America Undercover Series Documentary
HBO World Championship Boxing

The Boleh Community Team.


  1. freeman says:

    you for got sopranos

  2. Bryan says:

    The Pacific isn’t even due for release till next year. Ah people can be so retarded.

  3. Ndrew says:

    Why can’t these people follow simple instructions?

    Now they made us all suffer.
    I’ll support any actions from Reuben to ban these people from our community.

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