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February 6, 2008
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February 6, 2008
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Electrical Maintenance on US hosts on Saturday

VPN Servers will be affected significantly starting on Saturday 10 PM Malaysian Time for 3-5 hours as our US datacenter undergoes electrical repairs. Servers should be back up after the maintenance period.

Due to a fire in a Commonwealth Edison vault several weeks ago (view news here) Commonwealth Edison has inspected all transformers in the building. After completing the inspection several transformers will need repairs.

Unfortunately we will be affected and will experience approximately 3 to 5 hours of down time to repair a high voltage elbow on the transformer that supplies power to our facility. Work is scheduled this Saturday February 9th starting around 8:00 am CST.

We apologize for any inconvenience this may cause. While we are disappointed in having this downtime it is understandable to fix the problem now to avoid the possibility of a larger problem in the future.


  1. Irza says:

    is the vpn still down? 10pm saturday and now its already 3am sunday…5++ hours 🙂

  2. Prasad says:

    Can’t connect to the EU server but US servers are fine

  3. Boleh Community says:

    VPN is now up and operational.

    The electrical maintenance happened about an hour late and as such the window was extended slightly as they waited for the utility company to act.

    EU servers are NOT down they are just full as they were not part of the maintenance and as such the users were automatically shunted to these servers while the rest were down.

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