DDoS mitigation and Performance Tuning Improvements

Potential DDoS Attack on our servers
December 9, 2016
New PGP Key for E-mail and Canary
January 8, 2017
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DDoS mitigation and Performance Tuning Improvements

All servers are now connectable.  The DDOS has been mitigated and no longer causing connectivity issues. However we see that there is an increase in NetBIOS over TCP/IP in some servers.To see what NetBIOS is read here but basically it’s not needed in most home setups and only to support legacy services.

Please check and make sure that you disable your NetBIOS in your network setup to if you are not using them. Block all port 137,138 and 139 from going out from computers with your firewall. Our servers are designed to filter all NetBIOS from coming or going to the servers. However, if you do not block your NetBIOS and your computer is compromised, you will be sending thousands of NetBIOS traffic to the servers which may result in performance degradation. We are monitoring this situation closely.

We have also rolled out some performance improvements which should give a nice performance boost to some servers.


  1. rainin says:


    It seems that Netherlands (85.25 & 85.34) servers are still experiencing DDOS attacks, getting ping-resets after 10-15mins of activity, rolling back to the Canadian Server it’s working great touch wood!

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