DDoS attack on Customer Portal server
July 7, 2014
Update on IPT Status for 8 July 2014
July 8, 2014
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DDoS attack on Customer Portal mitigated for now

We have implemented some new rules to deal with the DDoS attack and are seeing how it holds.

You may experience a slight delay when logging in but otherwise should be unaffected.

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  1. Jdoom says:

    I started to feel suspicious about the timing of the DDoS attacks after reading this: http://www.reddit.com/r/trackers/comments/1zfy9n/staff_of_ipt_td_and_tt_are_behind_the_recent_ddos/ According to this, IPT staff have taken it upon themselves to DDoS other trackers… considering the recent issues, I’m starting to feel a little uneasy about IPT. I’m not making accusations, but I knew nothing about this until just now and I think you should give it a read, if you haven’t already.

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