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May 26, 2011
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June 5, 2011
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Clarification on IPT Password

There’s been quite a few queries mainly coming from:

  1. Customers who are unhappy with the current IPT password delivery system
  2. Customers who are on the old manual system and have not migrated to the new system
  3. Seedbox customers
  4. Customers who simply have no clue

First of all, we have previously delivered the IPT password via e-mail but this was in our experience unreliable as many of these mails went to spam, and got lost and everytime we changed our pass we would be flooded with a deluge of e-mails asking for a resend. Doing it via the panel is automatic and for those who are properly registered with the panel system, it is easy and painless.

For our customers still on the old system we will make sure we send the IPT password to your e-mail address in the next few minutes. Registration on the new system is not automatic unfortunately so you would have to register yourself there and let us know your expiry and we will adjust your package accordingly. This is not compulsory however until you have to renew.

Seedbox customers including those with the VPN bundle are actually not entitled to the free IPT password to prevent people from leeching from the IPT account and seeding it on their own personal accounts. We have however in the past, gave many of our seedbox customers this password to reward their loyalty but this is not automatic and should be requested from us.

For the customers who don’t have a clue, just login into your panel and if you’re an active and full subscriber, you should be able to view the Bonus section which has the details.


  1. Izzah says:

    Err… sorry guys, I gave up. I must be among the clue-less! Not sure if I’m under the old system.. Been trying to register on THE PANEL, can’t get through because my username and my email already exist! Still waiting if there are news coming into my mailbox.

  2. Izzah says:

    Ok now! I’ve got mixed up with my login to enter the forum.. Thanks guys.

  3. ZackleR says:

    take ur time 🙂

  4. Paul says:

    Hi Guys,
    (1) No email with Iptorrents passowrd has been received by me.
    (2) Where do I get the BolehVPN panel app for MAC ? Downloaded link was for windows only.

  5. Paul says:

    sorry guys I mis-spelled my email address… corrected here.

  6. alpha33 says:

    how to i access to the bonus panel?

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