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December 7, 2012
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December 15, 2012
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China and BolehVPN Part 2

So it looks like our great firewall bypass was blocked pretty quickly and the great firewall has a rapidly adapting system.

We are currently working to implement a solution which would not only bypass the firewall but would serve to disguise VPN traffic to look like something else so that it would not be blocked as easily. Understandably, we cannot reveal too many details here but if you’re a current subscriber in China, just drop us a mail at with your VPN username and we’ll allow you to test this out! Our initial tests appear promising.

While we are working on this, the amount of servers available with this solution will be small but once proven to work, we’ll rapidly roll this out to more servers and locations. We thank you for your continued support and understanding in this matter.

Please also note that a minority of users have posted some negative comments regarding China blocking our services and although we value feedback, please be assured that:

  1. Even the largest VPN providers are being blocked and are working on their respective solutions
  2. We are aware of the methods other VPN providers are using by altering their MTUs or port numbers but are looking at a more permanent solution.

We understand you may be frustrated right now but we’re working really hard to get back service to you people and whipping our hamsters! 😀

A hard working hamster


  1. nazrix says:

    Does this allow us in Malaysia to stream dramas from China? The lou por has been harassing me the past few weeks about this

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