August 13, 2009

OCZ/A-Data SSD Prices

We have decided not to sell the VelociRaptors as they are not significantly cheaper than what is available out there. However our SSD prices are still excellent 😀 All warranty 3 years Watch the Difference of SSDs! OCZ Vertex OCZ SSD SATA II Vertex Series 60GB: RM1000.00 OCZ SSD SATA II Vertex Series […]
August 12, 2009

OCZ SSDs & WD Velociraptors

For Malaysian customers only! Sure, your rig may be a quad core overclocked beast with a quad SLI setup…but yet it’s reduced to a humble crawl while waiting for bootup or games to load. The fact is, most bog standard 7200 rpm drives don’t cut it when you need bleeding edge performance. Also […]