Calling for testers! (Hong Kong Streaming/Surfing)

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July 19, 2012
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July 26, 2012
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Calling for testers! (Hong Kong Streaming/Surfing)

It has been slightly over a month since we have acquired the Hong Kong Server, and honestly, it is quite under utilized.

So this blog post serves as a reminder that we DO have a server in Hong Kong. Thus, we are calling out to those of you who wants it to try it out. This should be able to smoothen your video streams from PPS, Youku and most other sites in the East Asia region.

Oh, while you are at it, please provide us with some feedback so we can do another viability check at the end of the day.



  1. Allen says:

    the HK server is a nice touch
    but i want to watch PPS right from tablet
    too bad the PPS for android can’t even search ANYTHING, they’re all VERY old drama/movies

  2. tcmean says:

    It didn’t speed up the streaming for PPS, LeTV and PPTV last time I tried but it does speed up the surfing of the China webpages. I’ll try again and provide feedback again.

  3. dann says:

    Agree with [ tcmean ], it does speed up a lot of China sites. I like it very much !
    Not sure about PPS & video streaming etc because i only read news and hardly do downloads.
    Maybe Bolehvpn can maintain a smaller bandwidth at the moment until more customers realize its usefulness!

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