Calling All Rapidshare/Megaupload/Mediafire etc Users

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September 16, 2009
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September 17, 2009
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Calling All Rapidshare/Megaupload/Mediafire etc Users

We are looking for members of the community to test out this new service which allows you to download rapidshare/megaupload/mediafire files from our server instead of from rapidshare.

Why would you want this? Basically it means you can queue a download up and then leave it there to download and retrieve when it is convenient! You would also be able to multithread download from our servers thus further accelerating the process.

Now I’m not really a big fan of rapidshare especially with their silly 25 gb upload limit which makes it difficult to share totally among our users but it is handy for smaller files.

Looking for people to suggest a FEASIBLE way to do this.

Points of Consideration:

How much bandwidth should people be able to download a day?

How many simultaneous downloads?

If the files are set to auto-delete if they are not accessed after a while, how long should this grace period be?

How much should this service cost? I am thinking a small top up for VPN users but a full price for non VPN users. Or should it be only restricted to VPN users only?

We already have a test server running and are looking for senior members of our customer base to test it out. If you are interested, please post in this thread.


  1. brianjud says:

    OMG…. A Service i was hoping for such a long time… I’ll Be Super Glad….

    10 Simultaneous download.
    RM10 topup for BolehVPN Users.
    RM30 For Normal Users.

  2. crpediem says:

    10 Simultaneous download

    we need this man

  3. Eric says:

    I agree with brianjud. Man we need this! I want in!

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