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August 4, 2009
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August 6, 2009
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Call to Test BolehRoute via Linux

Suddenly a couple of my servers using Linux (Ubuntu, Opensuse) have stopped working through BolehRoute though continue to work through BolehVPN.

Could someone confirm this?

Symptoms are:

  1. Pings go through and resolves correctly.
  2. However when you try to access a website it will establish a connection and wait for headers/connection and do nothing.
  3. It will then timeout.
  4. Disconnecting the VPN, restores full functionality and surfing.

This only happens with Linux…Not with Windows as far as I know.

Would appreciate if someone could try this out and report back to me so that we can do rectification works to BolehRoute if necessary.


  1. ShadowTek says:

    Posting to forum.

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