BolehVPN's Ad becomes first Services Noticeboard Thread in LYN to reach 2.5k posts

Call of Duty 4 Server updated to patch 1.5
February 2, 2008
Seedbox 1 and Seedbox 2 Rebooted and BolehRoute begins testing
February 4, 2008
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BolehVPN's Ad becomes first Services Noticeboard Thread in LYN to reach 2.5k posts

2557 posts

That’s the figure when last checked, an unprecedented number in the Services Noticeboard and a wonderful way to begin the Chinese New Year!

Thank you for all your support and our new thread is now here. Do feel free to post there and hopefully we will have a v3 before the end of this year!

BolehRoute is still undergoing development as we are still working out some niggles with the dedicated IP setup and we apologize for the delay in rolling this out as we want to make sure we get out a finished product.

In other news…I had a nightmare weekend with:

  1. My Gigabyte P35-DS3R breaking down with it unable to detect any of my drives
  2. Buying a new Asus P5KR while waiting for the RMA of the Gigabyte only to realize the board I got was faulty when I fully installed it
  3. Finally replaced it again with a 1 to 1 return and have everything work.
  4. USB Logitech G11 keyboard doesn’t play that nice upon bootup forcing me to whip out my PS2 keyboard to configure BIOS options.
  5. Only to realize that my Razer Copperhead is broken.
  6. And that my WoW levelling partner does not want to play his lowbie character with me anymore.

Lessons to be learnt from this weekend:

  1. Do not buy motherboards with tons of revisions (especially my Gigabyte P35-DS3R which was revision 1.0 and now there’s revision 2.0 and 2.1). AVOID AVOID LIKE THE PLAGUE!
  2. Do not buy motherboards (the Gigabyte one) whose BIOS settings only give you AUTO to +0.2v, 0.4v, 0.6 v…like wth..where is the NORMAL voltage and give me a figure dammit.
  3. Auto OC in a motherboard is a STUPID feature.
  4. Asus’ Front panel connectors (Q-Connector) are a God-send.
  5. That being said why can’t front panel connectors be standard. Geez.
  6. Always keep your receipts and boxes for your part purchases no matter how little space you have in your cupboards.
  7. The most expensive cutting edge mouse is not necessarily the most reliable one (a lesson I did not learn as I just bought a Boomslang CE just cause it was sexy)
  8. USB Keyboards are overrated until BIOS catches up 😛
  9. Not to buy games because ‘yer friends promise to level up with you and have fun’ unless you really want to play it yourself.

Why can’t all motherboards have this?

Computer shopper’s review sums it up nicely:

The Q-Connector is a small block that fits over the tiny matrix of front-panel pin headers on the board. Anyone who has ever installed a motherboard knows this evil little cluster of pins all too well–onto it, you plug tiny power leads that run from your PC case’s front-panel power switch, power and hard-drive activity LEDs, and other humdrum but essential connectors. Problem is, once your motherboard is mounted in your case, fiddling with these cables–and you’ll need to, because, invariably, you’ll install some of them backwards–requires slim, nimble fingers or a pair of tweezers, not to mention eagle vision and the steady hand of a microsurgeon.

Three cheers for simple but useful inventions!

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