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March 31, 2009
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April 1, 2009
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BolehVPN Relocating!

Our new home

Our new home

Now you may have noticed that I have been not as available as of late and been extremely bogged down with work. I can now finally reveal why.

Due to the continuous infringement notices we have been receiving, ever increasing server costs and to further protect our customer’s security, we have decided to relocate our servers to Kyrgyzstan where they have offered us an awesome deal with our own secure datacentre in the Tian Shan mountain range as part of their economic stimulus package encouraging foreign investors

We are assured that being at this high elevation would ensure a clearer view of the sky which would give satellite based internet connectivity that is not reliant on undersea cables and a fantastic top of the world view to boot. We hope to affect the switch within the next week or so as soon as they get their damn petrol electric generator going and we learn to figure out what Игрушка окно means. Seems to be printed on all our racks…

Update: Yes obviously an April Fool’s joke 😛 The Russian characters mean ‘Toy Box’ and if you notice the racks, they are empty!


  1. Reuben says:

    Oh, for those of you asking for the new configs, wait laaa…sabar. I did say next week!

  2. edwin74 says:

    PLUS I’m sure at such high attitudes the servers are cooled naturally, utilizing nature’s own air conditioning… making it a very Green venture…. (during winter months, we can expect a speed boost as the servers are cooled to -40c) Old Russian spy satalites and ex military hi-speed fibre network equipment will also ensure super cutting-edge technological VPN for all customers… :b

  3. galdefmk3 says:

    Is dat sum April Fool?

  4. edan1979 says:

    errr… those rusian word mean… errr… toy box??? lolz…

  5. adam7979 says:

    walao… thru satellite ahh…. alien will intercept our data leh… gg

    har har har keep up the good job!

  6. raist86 says:

    hmm.. anyone notice that this announcement is done on April 1st?

    lol.. btw, no one sat comm to transmit low priority high bandwidth data like p2p. They are just way too expensive to justify the cost unless bolehvpn owns the satellite network.

  7. edan1979 says:

    just play along…

  8. sswolf says:

    April 1st. 😀
    Now, if you have chosen somewhere more believable, I may have fallen for it. 😛

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