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May 9, 2010
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May 11, 2010
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BolehVPN PPTP Server – Gauging Interest

We are testing new services to cater to users that needs to have IP addresses originating from US. This services is similar to the BolehSurf except this is focus to devices that cannot use SSL VPN (OpenVPN). These include the IPhones, IPads, IPods, smart phones and even routers that often do not have inbuilt OpenVPN support.

PPTP VPNs do have their own drawbacks and is often seen as less secure than OpenVPN. However many businesses still use PPTP VPNs due to its wide support.

For those interested to become testers, please make sure that you know how to connect using the PPTP functions in your devices.

Please state your name/email, devices you are using and your ISP. Mind you that MAXIS blocked PPTP, so you can’t use them here.

With this service, especially those who are very keen to watch streaming directly from US, you can now watch them in your mobile devices.

I have personally tested MAXIS 3G Modem (the RM48 package/1.5GB Capped) with bolehSURF and watching videos is lagless and a 43 minutes episode will use about 200MB (480p quality).

If this test is successful, we will be announcing a new service dedicated to surf/streaming only and targeted to users who wants to watch the latest in tv with DVD quality. What we need from the testers are feedback as follows:

1. Location (coffee beans, starbuck etcc)
2. ISP (if direct connect)
3. Device
4. Quality/Performance

We will PM each tester with the login ID and Password.

Thank you.


  1. Scott Robertson says:

    Happy to be a tester. I have an HP tablet PC running W7, a Hackintosh HP Mini running MacOS and iPad which I would like to try.

    Username: scott


  2. nkz says:

    I have a iPad on which I would like to try the pptp vpn



  3. andyz says:

    I would like to test too..
    ipad with abc tv

  4. ASAP says:


    Would like to be a tester.

    Username: kohcj
    Using iPad 3G

  5. ac says:

    would like to be a tester

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