BolehVPN now hosts a P2Pool for BitCoin

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July 28, 2014
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July 30, 2014
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BolehVPN now hosts a P2Pool for BitCoin

We’re a big supporter of BitCoin, being a decentralized currency with low transaction fees and global reach.

We’re also a big supporter of decentralized mining pools, namely P2Pool which means hashing power is not locked into one pool therefore giving the pool operator power over the network or have them approach the dreaded 51% control over the hashing power.

For more information on the problems of centralizing BitCoin hashing power see the issue and also the lead developer’s view of the problem. There’s also some suspicion that pools that offer 0% fees may hide earnings since the process isn’t transparent.

In the spirit of this, we’re hosting a P2Pool node at that is free of fees and is hosted in Singapore to service the SE Asian region.


Please note that P2Pool is only recommended for BitCoin ASIC miners and not GPU miners.

There are also some compatibility with issues with Antminer S2 (resolving it with BitMain).

To use it,  put your username as your wallet address and your password can be anything (or for example “x”).

Username: Wallet Address
Password: Anything example x

To increase efficiency you may consider locking the pool difficulty by specifying it in your username as follows for example:

WalletAddress/256+256 would give a locked pool difficulty of 256.

Some Recommended Pool Difficulties for common ASIC miners:

  • Antminer S3 (441 gh): 256
  • Antminer S1 (180 gh): 128
  • Dragon A1 miner (1000 gh): 512



  1. wong chea yan says:

    i have been mining since friday 8/8 9m till 11/8 10 am, and i have zero payout, i am using antminer s1. connect from west malaysia
    turning to other pool until i see some return

    • Reuben says:

      Did you ever get the payouts for the P2Pool?

      PPLNS payouts are delayed for P2Pool and you should start seeing steady returns after 3 days. Did you specify your wallet address properly?

  2. wong chea yan says:

    yes i am new to p2pool but did get payout before after mining for 1 day plus. i stopped afterward, and mine wth other pool to fulfill those minimum payout.
    after that i joined again from 8/8 9pm till 11/8 10am.
    Normally how many days should we mine wth p2pool only then will start receiving payout? the static show on are too simple and i can not find any predicted payout, or information. one more question, will the share history cross over if i switch to other p2pool nodes? for examples i stopped mining on and join because it shows details of my miners. if i switch back to, will my share cross over?
    thanks for helping me(noob)

    • Reuben says:

      Usually depending on how fast your miner is, it will take 2-3 days for payouts to be seen and then it will stabilise 😀 Calculate your returns over a week rather than per day.

      Not too sure on the share history with other nodes. You can see that Coincadence has a higher DOA rate than our pool though and currently we also have more hashing power.

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