BolehVPN now accepts DarkCoin on top of BitCoin and DogeCoin (10% Discount)

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November 10, 2014
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November 24, 2014
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BolehVPN now accepts DarkCoin on top of BitCoin and DogeCoin (10% Discount)

darkcoin_logo_sBolehVPN was one of the first VPN providers to accept BitCoin and DogeCoin. We’re now proud to announce that we will also support DarkCoin a privacy and anonymity-centric cryptocurrency.

DarkCoin’s main advantage is that it is private (anonymous) and fast (almost instant). BitCoin although reasonably anonymous if carefully used can still be traced back to you with various new techniques developed.

DarkCoin offers a feature called DarkSend which mixes coins in the wallet so they are anonymized and untraceable. You can read more about DarkCoin at its website.

Paying for BolehVPN using DarkCoin or DogeCoin

We use CoinPayments payment processor to accept DarkCoin and DogeCoin but activation of orders would need to be manual for the moment. Register yourself on our portal and place an order. Head to the link here: make payment and then upload your payment proof at our portal’s payment page. We will process this manually and activate it within the same day.

10% Discount on DarkCoin and DogeCoin payments

During this period we will offer a 10% discount on payments via DarkCoin and DogeCoin to promote their use! This is processed automatically at the conversion page despite the USD figure quoted.

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