BolehVPN Nominated as one of the Five Best VPN providers by LifeHacker

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August 21, 2012
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August 22, 2012
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BolehVPN Nominated as one of the Five Best VPN providers by LifeHacker

BolehVPN was nominated as one of the Five Best VPN providers by LifeHacker! Thanks to everyone who supported! Although we didn’t win the eventual vote this is still an amazing achievement especially due to

  1. our much smaller user numbers; and
  2. the fact that we didn’t send out an e-mail telling everyone to vote for us (we respect your privacy).

We really appreciate the nomination and the chance to be ranked among world players!

As a token of appreciation we will be giving away some GeekZen goodies later today! Stay tuned!

Here are some nominations from LifeHacker readers and BolehVPN customers. It would have been nice to include all but here’s a few though we appreciate every and single vote for us!



On paper, BolehVPN looks like just your regular VPN. They don’t have the most servers, the most countries or the cheapest packages. What they have instead is something more important: a good feeling of who you’re dealing with: The Founders are actively involved in the community and really taking user feedback to heart.

I’ve been with BolehVPN for quite a good number of years, and it surprises me time and time again how responsive they are to their customer wants and how they keep on improving. Someone wanted a server in Canada, bam it’s there, someone said they wanted to make the installation process a breeze, bam they got their GUI, what about Mac? Now it’s there too! Want Liberty Reserve support? Yep it was added! Their goodies in the Bonus section are also great!

Now when choosing a VPN, trust is the biggest issue especially when VPN providers say they don’t log. Reuben (one of the founders) answers things in a very frank fashion and tells you the reasoning behind the decisions of the company.

Another often overlooked feature is their Proxied servers option which lets you selectively choose which traffic goes through the VPN while most other VPNs only have a fully routed option.

This VPN is gold and it’s no wonder they’re ranked highly on Wilders Security. Sometimes, specifications and price don’t tell the whole story and in this is possibly one of the best kept secrets of VPNs out there!

Tried HMA, StrongVPN, IBVPN and even dabbled with some smaller providers like Moonlight and BreakWall but eventually found BolehVPN and am sticking with them for the forseeable future.


Vote: BolehVPN

I have used Witopia for few years now. It was fast and stable speed. But lately last couple of months I have been getting erratic speed not to mention poor support. Due to this I decided not to renew my expiring service with them. I recently decided to try out another VPN service called BolehVPN so far after using for about a month or two the speed is quite good not to mention they don’t log our connection or activity unlike Witopia. Besides that I really hate spam emails like below:

—– Sample email from Witopia ——
Dear WiTopia Customer,

May we please impose on you to go to and vote for us as your favorite VPN provider today?
We won it last year and it would mean a lot to us if you could find the time to help us out.
Before the hate mail starts, we don’t like cheesy marketing stuff from companies filling up our inboxes either but, in our defense, we hardly ever send out any email. Like, never.

If you can help us out, here’s how:
1. Go to
2. Post a reply with: VOTE: WITOPIA (or something like that) at top of comment.
3. That’s it.

If you want to include other nice stuff about us in your reply (excellent pricing, live 24x7x365 support, etc.) we wouldn’t hate it but the vote is plenty.

WiTopia Crew


VOTE: BOLEHVPN It’s incredibly straightforward and the customer service is fantastic. The options they have are easy to understand and serve all of my needs. When I did my initial research on vpn boleh was one of the few services that had little to no complaints. Definitely sticking with them



Been with them from the start of the company, and they have grown and improved in so many ways. They give you a lot of options, letting you choose to Fully Routed, which means everything on your computer goes through the VPN. This is really useful for programs that you can’t get a proxy for. Proxied, which I use the most, is for programs specifically to use the VPN by setting the proxy in the program.

The best part though is the great customer service. Reuben, one of the partners, is polite and prompt to help, even if it’s not a problem with their software.

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  1. Joseph Ting says:

    Awesome! Sure hope BolehVPN will continue to improve and expand! 😀

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