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BolehVPN is now trialling acceptance of DogeCoin

much wowAfter amazing community feedback on Reddit, Twitter and Facebook, we are now trialling acceptance of DogeCoin by allowing it for purchases of our 7 day, 30 day and 60 day packages. To make the deal even sweeter, those paying via DogeCoin would get a 20% discount off these packages!

To get started make sure you have registered an account at our customer portal. Once you have done so, head on over to the DogeCoin payment page. Make sure to enter in your username in the note to Seller so we know which account to activate your package for!

DogeCoin to the moon!


  1. colbert says:

    awesome doge news

  2. chaxosee says:

    Great idea but your coin processing agent
    requires too much personal information
    which in my opinion defeats the purpose
    of dogecoin and other cryptocoins. Why not
    accept payment into a BolehVPN dogecoin
    wallet allowing more private payment at
    least for your regular customers.

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