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April 4, 2012
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April 7, 2012
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BolehVPN-GUI v1.0.0 released with Bug Fixes

Just a BolehVPN-GUI software release to fix some bugs with our Geo-IP lookup (the country detection).

Change Log:

  • BolehVPN now cleanly uninstalls and deletes its folder.
  • Country lookup now works again and will lookup using our own service without reliance on 3rd parties.
  • Fixes in Update Config to improve stability
New GUI is on hold due to programmer going AWOL but we are assembling a new team to do it so appreciate your kind patience.



  1. prasad says:

    Can I just install this version without uninstalling the older version

  2. nazrix says:

    where do i download the source code?

  3. prasad says:

    Completed without issues

  4. nazrix says:

    oh well, was just hoping to meddle with it

  5. nazrix says:

    Assuming it’s in a language I can work in, I would add more features:
    1. run at startup
    2. auto disconnect at shutdown
    3. auto reconnect at logon/startup
    4. proxy selection at startup will default to last connection attempt
    5. add a button to clear the log
    6. change the icons depending on status. Disconnected = red, connecting = yellow, connected = green

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