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August 7, 2011
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August 9, 2011
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BolehVPN-GUI Configuration Pics are Back!

Some of you are probably wondering, what’s that empty sad grey space in BolehVPN-GUI? Well here’s the answer:

Tadah! Some of you might recognize these images from an early build of BolehVPN-GUI which we scrapped when we changed our configuration layout. All these images have been updated courtesy of my awesome and benevolent (if slightly absent minded) friend Max (who is accepting work albeit if you’re willing to wait a bit since he’s quite fully booked up).

For you Windows users, hit Update Config to get the nice little pictures.


  1. ebackbone says:

    any of these suggested logic/UI changes implemented?:

    1. when gui window state normal, pressing close button minimizes it
    2. “connect using” always defaults to last selected successful connect
    3. disable message prompt when exit; currently a shut down in win7 is halted just because gui is connected
    4. if gui window state normal but in background of other apps, double-clicking on system tray gui icon doesn’t focus/activate the gui

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