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March 15, 2011
BolehRoute 1 Upgraded
March 15, 2011
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BolehVPN GUI Beta Release v0.1.8 for testing

Please find a new copy of our BolehVPN-GUI Beta here. As usual would appreciate your comments. Remember to uninstall your previous version before installing this one.

New Changes in this version v.0.1.8:

  • Image instead of text description for configuration (images are still being done up)
  • Added News tab.
  • Added links to Links tab.
  • Changed links text as requested.
  • Added certificate expiry check upon Connect.
  • Status (Bytes Sent and Received) cleared on disconnect
  • Reinstall TAP and OpenVPN. As discussed the user will have to run the installer for these.
  • Minimize to System Tray. Close = disconnect and close.
  • Tray icon menu added similar to OpenVPN. Also added Balloons to display status. (as requested)
  • Version in title bar.
  • Connect button – Changed text to connected and I managed to change colour to green.
  • Active tab is now bold.
  • Uninstallation can now happen on Add/Remove Programs



  1. smackers says:

    this is what i see on the news tab.


    14 March 2011
    Launch of BolehVPN-GUI for beta testing! Lorem ipsum dolor sit amet, consectetur adipiscing elit. Etiam rutrum cursus diam sed mattis. Nunc congue suscipit lorem, ac tristique dolor ultricies at. Praesent ipsum lectus, pellentesque in placerat eu, consequat ut lacus. Aliquam lobortis sapien vitae est pellentesque et tincidunt orci adipiscing. Ut mattis, eros vitae suscipit interdum, felis sem commodo nunc, sit amet auctor ipsum erat ac lectus. Vivamus vulputate, libero et accumsan pharetra, justo arcu facilisis purus, a luctus leo lorem vel purus. Mauris eleifend tristique mauris, eu dapibus libero lobortis id. Nullam sed lacinia justo. Donec ut mauris eu mi laoreet pharetra sed sed ipsum. Curabitur iaculis quam eu ipsum scelerisque nec tempus lectus vehicula. Fusce cursus nisi et nunc ultrices accumsan. Quisque sem lorem, vestibulum nec molestie a, dignissim at quam. Cras eget pulvinar ipsum. Morbi libero tortor, vestibulum ultricies molestie eget, bibendum et lacus. Mauris laoreet turpis a dui egestas sed hendrerit lorem lobortis.

    Some sort of acronym?

  2. dokidoki says:

    configuration is now spell with configration?? guess it’s standard text too 😛

  3. bajunid says:

    i’m using a 40″ hdtv on 1080p resolution. naturally, I have to increase the dispaly zoom to medium 125%. What I get from the window of BoehVPN GUI are hard to read because the font will be bigger but not the window size. try to change your windows setting under dispaly and you’ll see what I mean. I’m on Win 7 Ultimate.

  4. smackers says:

    If the GUI could be resizable oso with mouse drags would be nice.

  5. kem x says:

    Can you pls make the password encrypted?

  6. raemon says:

    I downloaded and installed. Wanted to connect but fail to authenticate.

  7. Kanuki says:

    Need the program to autostart and auto connect to preferred connection during Windows 7 x86/64 startup.

  8. kemx says:

    @Reuben, My question was a bit vague.
    I meant the password stored in the setting files.
    It is currently plaintext and may be picked up by windows indexing.
    I was thinking that the plaintext can be encrypted?

    By the way, what program did you use to write this software?
    Also, after installing it, do we still need to install OpenVPN? It seems that you already have the TAP driver installation.

  9. kemx says:

    @Reuben, I’m sorry but I didnt follow the discussion prior to v0.18. Hence, the redundant questions.

  10. tebalik says:

    Hi @Reuben,sory for asking this silly long does it takes for installing the tap adapter?…the installer looks liked being paused when it came to TAP adaptor installation.

  11. pbooi789 says:

    any .dmg version for mac user on this BolehVPN-GUI?

  12. kepg says:

    the reason why i like bolehvpn , is because i like the option to be able to download the keys , and because there is no need to download and setup a gui . i will aprreciate if this option will still be available for later.

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