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July 17, 2012
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July 20, 2012
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BolehVPN-GUI 2.09 out

Quick update here. The TAP adapter driver issues was fixed and improvements were done to the data counter.

Please remember to uninstall all previous copies before proceeding with the new version.

>>>Download here<<<



  1. el_ay_es says:

    download link leads to 404 page not found

  2. el_ay_es says:

    works now 🙂

  3. Joe says:

    Nice work Reuben & developers. Boleh leading the way for great service & easy config 🙂

  4. el_ay_es says:

    This 2.09 version did not work for me, I am–believe me–very sorry to say. I got it installed, but then I could not get it to connect either to proxied Germany or to proxied Switzerland, which are what I use from my primary computer. The green bar went to 99 percent and then stuck, with me watching server IP address numbers cycle from one to another. So rather than bother trying the uncertain process of uninstalling the BolehVPN v2.09 gui and reinstalling the v1.0.1 gui, I successfully performed the more certain process of restoring my primary hard drive from the full backup that I happened to have made last night.

    I was attracted by the v2.09 feature of killing any Internet connection if the VPN happens to fail, but, unless I am mistaken, I think I may have that well covered anyway by a VPN only setup for certain applications in Comodo (free) firewall.

    And at least I can get the BolehVPN v1.0.1 gui to work with a bit of finagling every time. By finagling I mean, first click “connect to” … whichever connection I want, then 2) watch BolehVPN say immediately that it’s disconnected, then 3) click “connect to” (whichever choice) again, and, finally, 4) click “reconnect” while the “connecting to” message that follows from step three is sitting there. Those steps are required on all four of the computers I use–never all at once, but whichever one or two depending on where I happen to be. BolehVPN v2.09 does not have “reconnect” available when the “connecting” message is there. Not that I understand anything much about this software, but the unavailability of “reconnect” at that crucial time–at least it’s crucial in v1.0.1–could be the problem as far as me getting v2.09 to connect is concerned.

    Sorry for the bad news.


    P.S. The “Notify me of follow-up comments by email feature on this page does not seem to be working, just so you know.

  5. el_ay_es says:

    Just so you know, Windows XP Professional fully updated is what’s on the machine on which I just tried BolehVPN v2.09. el_ay_es

  6. el_ay_es says:

    Hello Reuben: No, I have not tried v2.09 again since I did a full restore of my hard drive from a backup. As far as I am concerned v1.0.1 works well enough. Under the circumstances I feel I spent enough time and effort on v2.09.

    Btw, if this posts, be it known that I clicked the link to respond to your email of July 29 at 11:17pm concerning the Hong Kong server. I saw a message that I had already voted in that poll, which I had not, and posting a comment went to a page not found error 404 page. In any event, while I do much admire the effort, I have not so far cared about the HK server.


  7. el_ay_es says:

    It occurs to me that the problem with your poll asserting that I had already voted in the HK server poll could be due to the fact that I am connecting via one of the BolehVPN proxies; someone else may have voted previously through the same IP address. Fwiw. LAS

  8. nazrix says:

    Hey Ruebun,

    All previous versions of BolehVPNGUI worked fine for me. Since I started using this version, however, my torrents have slowed down and the connection constantly disconnects. It might be a coincidence though. Also, it crashes quite often, usually when I click the disconnect, Taken from my computer’s Event Log.

    Faulting application name: BolehVPN.exe, version:, time stamp: 0x5006de05
    Faulting module name: BolehVPN.exe, version:, time stamp: 0x5006de05
    Exception code: 0xc0000005
    Fault offset: 0x00014b0f
    Faulting process id: 0xf48
    Faulting application start time: 0x01cd6f3fc5d293e7
    Faulting application path: C:Program Files (x86)BolehVPNBolehVPN.exe
    Faulting module path: C:Program Files (x86)BolehVPNBolehVPN.exe
    Report Id: 23f029f8-dc14-11e1-a1f7-14dae90b0fe0

    I’m too tired after work to really dig (that’s what I do, 12 hours a day in the office), and BolehVPNGUI doesn’t seem to have a log file anywhere. I’ll leave it in your capable hands.

    • Reuben says:

      nazrix: Strange. We had a relook at the code and couldn’t find anything. If you can downgrade and replicate the error…then maybe it’s something we can look at.

  9. Kanuki says:

    OMG… My Bitcomet connection status just turned green. Normally It’s yellow (Blocked).

    Is this normal for BolehVPN v2.09?

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