BolehVPN-GUI 2.0.7 Released More Bug Fixes
July 10, 2012
BolehVPN-GUI… on OS X!
July 17, 2012
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BolehVPN-GUI 2.0.8 More fixing done!

BolehVPN-GUI version 2.0.8 is up. Here’s the changelog:

  • Fixed delays of the messages in the logs
  • Saving the proxy settings includes the proxy type

The usual drill; make sure you uninstall all previous versions of the client.

Also, the MD5 Checksum, just to be safe –  6D9E2B1C43B67F94B49832D4245FBA18

>>>Download here<<<


  1. nazrix says:

    There’s no way to determine the currently installed version. Software usually have an “About” window that includes the version. Even checking the bolehvpn.exe file properties doesnt include the version. Makes it difficult to tell if we have the latest version or not.

  2. Avian says:

    This one seems to say version 2.07 when I checked the settings tab.

  3. nazrix says:

    ah yes, so there it is 🙂
    Shows 2.07 though

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