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December 15, 2012
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December 24, 2012
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BolehVPN-GUI 1.0.6 For Mac With CloakRouted

A few days ago on the 15th, we have announced a solution for Windows on bypassing the Great Firewall. Back then, we have promised to release a Mac version ASAP.

Today, we are glad to announce that we have just released the Mac version! In order to connect to our CloakRouted configurations, you will need to Enable GFW Bypass which can be found under Settings. The new configurations are as follow:

  • CloakRouted-HK
  • CloakRouted-Netherlands
  • CloakRouted-UK

If you are not using the CloakRouted configurations, you will need to uncheck Enable GFW Bypass in order to connect to other servers (should the situation arises).


Here’s the link to download the new GUI with the GFW Bypass.


If you are behind the GreatFirewall or otherwise unable to access our website, please download the installer from this link instead


  1. Anon Mice says:

    It would be great if you have a fully routed server in US instead of surfing server. Some of your rival who also do not log also has fully routed servers in US so why can’t you?

    • Reuben says:

      Anon Mice:
      The problem with that is that in the event that shit does happen, then the laws that be may not protect because of DMCA provisions. I’m not sure how these other providers prevent their servers from being taken down due to infringements which will happen if P2P is open on them.

      We are looking at getting servers in nearby Canada which should be up soon and also testing a US East server within the FullyRouted-All configuration and seeing how that goes.

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