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July 7, 2010
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July 9, 2010
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BolehVPN Enhancement

bolehVPN will be introducing a few more configurations to assist in bypassing firewalling and proxying restrictions.

We will be running some tests with a few servers to allow connections to port 443 from our clients.
Currently all connections are using standard vpn port which your firewall administrator may have blocked or restricted.

In the next couple of hours, a few servers will have their configurations updated to support usage of port 443.  However it must be noted that the protocol used is still UDP, which some overzealous firewall settings will block. In this testing period, one bolehroute server will have port 443 enable and one private server and 2 public servers will be enabled as well.

To counter the UDP restrictions on port 443, we will include TCP protocol within the next 24 hours, however performance using TCP is very much degraded. We will not be responsible nor support any queries during the testing for the TCP performance.

Further instructions will be posted once the server sides setup and internal acceptance tests is completed.

On a side note, we were also informed that some network administrators blocked our website from their corporate access, I guess this must be a very inexperience engineers cause blocking our website doesn’t effect bypassing their firewall or stop the vpn connections. If you (network admins) are reading this, send me a note to request for security training, my rate is RM3K day and the next free slots is middle to late August.

for BolehVPN,



  1. ZackleR says:

    Pitboss u rock 🙂

  2. pitboss says:

    All public trackers are now configured to support connection to port 443 as well as original port.
    Further instructions will be published in the forum.

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