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BolehVPN Beta Client for Android

We are happy to bring you our BolehVPN Beta Client for Android that is ready for testing

The BolehVPN Beta Client is not our original work but modified with permission from Arne Schwabe’s OpenVPN for Android and patched to work with our xCloak servers. Credits to haggismn for the patch. We have not fully customized the client yet but just thought we’ll get it out first so that everyone can use it.

Please note that you would have to uninstall any previous versions of the OpenVPN for Android app before installing ours.

    1. Download the APK here. You might need to go to your Android Security Settings to “Allow Installation of apps from unknown sources”.


    1. Go to BolehVPN Customer Portal and login. Click on Inline Format Download and save it to your internal storage card.


    1. Use the Folder icon in the VPN client to import the configuration file.


    1. Click on the Save symbol to add the imported VPN to your VPN list.


  1. Click on Connect the VPN and you should be ready to go!


Please give us feedback!


  1. fhocorp says:

    This app is not working on android 2.3.6 🙁

  2. fhocorp says:

    Works perfectly on android 4+ but the Tethering is not supported with this app :S

  3. Saspin says:

    Hi, Thanks for your great job, But I can’t install your apk on android 5, Keep sayin “App not installed”

  4. strife says:

    Hey guys, it seems this patched openvpn is not working on Lollipop. When you try to connect it exist wtih exit value 1. I tried another vpn server (won’t name since they’re prob. a competitor) and they work. So it’s not missing underlying files.

    Can you guys provide instructions on building from source or make a new one?


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