AAG Link Restoration Complete
February 10, 2010
BolehFiles Development resumed
February 10, 2010
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BolehSurf Beta on Hold due to AAG Link repair

For Malaysian customers only:

With the repair of the AAG link we are scrapping BolehSurf Beta for now as we feel that internet streaming/surfing has returned to acceptable levels. We will re-examine this should there be a need to.

You’ll also notice that now Hulu now streams decently through US-Surfing Streaming 😀

Let us know if you are not experiencing similar improvements.

PS: Should anyone wish to continue using BolehSurf, we’ll be charging RM30.00 a month for this. Only very limited slots available and we reserve the right to refuse anyone for whatever reason due to the limited slots for this. Send an e-mail to me at reuben at bolehvpn fullstop net should you wish to subscribe to this.

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