Seedbox 1 and Seedbox 2 Rebooted and BolehRoute begins testing
February 4, 2008
Streamyx International Connectivity
February 4, 2008
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BolehRoute is now open for testing!

Want everything through the VPN?

Want full connectivity with no ‘firewalled status’?

Want to tunnel your home server’s connection?

BolehRoute v2 is now operational with the following changes:

  1. Now everyone gets their own dedicated IP! No longer do you have to worry about sites blocking you because of someone else using your IP!
  2. And ports 1024 – 65000 for your use so no longer wondering what port you are locked to!

For now people have to tell us when they want to use BolehRoute so we can assign you a dedicated IP but the eventual aim is for it to be fully automated.

Refer to,26.0.html for the necessary info and configuration files or to apply to use it as well at no extra cost!

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