Bittorrent Throttling ISPs: The assault on net neutrality

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Bittorrent Throttling ISPs: The assault on net neutrality

Measurement Labs is a Google backed open platform for internet transparency. This platform aims to further internet research and provide the common user with information about their individual internet connections. To this end, 5 tools for testing a connection are hosted on Measurement Labs, and the data openly shared with everyone.

We’re focusing on one of their tools, Glasnost, which among other things, can be used to test if an ISP is throttling p2p traffic. The results of tests conducted in the past two years has recently been published, and so the worst offenders are named and shamed.

Surprisingly, USA ISPs have a low percentage of throttling, between 3-6%. In the UK, BT is the worst offender at 65%, O2 the least at 2%. In Canada, Rogers throttles 80% of all p2p, whereas Telus throttles 0%. Australia is pretty low as well, the highest offender being iiNet at 11%.

In Malaysia however, tests from the first quarter of 2012 show that 69% of the time, TM Net throttles p2p. A 5% increase from the previous year, which had an average of 64%. Although this may come as a shock, it’s actually a decrease from previous years which had an average of 79% and 76% respectively. In the end however, the biggest ISP in Malaysia is still the most restrictive and interfering with network traffic, placing it in at least the top 50 worst ISPs for p2p worldwide.

You can check out the full report and whether your ISP is rated here.

An interesting discussion on Net Neutrality and traffic shaping is below:

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