October 16, 2011

Configuration Update: New FullyRouted UK server (BRGB01)

Our configuration files have been updated again with the addition of another FullyRouted UK server. If you are on BolehVPN-GUI, this is an easy process. Just hit the button Update Config and it will do it all automatically. If you’re not on BolehVPN-GUI or are a Mac/Linux user, head on to our¬†configuration file […]
October 13, 2011

On circumcision and ISPs (P1 and TM sign HSBB agreement)

Malaysians especially those in West Malaysia would be familiar with the “Sudah Potong” campaign held by P1 a wireless Wimax broadband provider. For the non-Malaysian subscribers, “sudah potong” directly translates to “Have you cut it?” cutting off your existing fixed-line broadband system but also makes an innuendo implying circumcision which is a requirement […]
October 13, 2011

BolehVPN Forum now with Tapatalk support

Our support forums now have Tapatalk support enabling a nicer interface to surf our forums for users on IOS, Android or Blackberry. You can grab Tapatalk on your mobile device here. PS: Haven’t tested it out in full yet so keep us posted in the comments but it should work.  
October 13, 2011

Luxembourg servers restored

All Luxembourg servers are coming back online. Problem was due to a core switch in the datacenter that hung and they are currently investigating the cause of the hang.
October 13, 2011

Luxembourg Servers Down due to Unannounced Datacenter Outage

Our servers in Luxembourg are currently inaccessible. It appears that the entire datacenter is down and we have not received any news on this from our providers. Capacity is still being managed and taken up by our remaining servers but connection time may be a bit longer than usual especially to the FullyRouted […]
October 13, 2011

Hulu and Netflix on BolehVPN

Was doing a little test last night to see whether a decent stream could be obtained from Hulu and Netflix using BolehVPN from Malaysia using my 2Mbit Streamyx connection. Results are as above. Netflix streamed smoothly with no noticeable buffering. Hulu was also surprisingly smooth.
October 13, 2011

MEPS/FPX Payment Functionality Restored

Please note that our gateway provider had rectified the problem with MEPS/FPX transactions sometime yesterday. Please note that we may be contacting some of you whose cash was deducted from your account but never reached us. Such amounts should have already been refunded to your account and as such, we require your assistance […]
October 10, 2011

Urgent Announcement: NetBuilder MEPS/FPX Payment Issues

Please do not make payments by way of MEPS/FPX through the NetBuilder gateway until further notice. Other payment methods even through Netbuilder are fully functioning. There’s an error in which money is deducted but not processed due to an error with MEPS/FPX (http://www.meps.com.my/) especially with Maybank. Use the direct Maybank2u Netbuilder option. Customers […]
BBC iPlayer is now accessible via UK's L2TP too. BolehGEO are now renamed as BolehStream. Get the latest servers from your app.