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December 17, 2008
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December 19, 2008
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Approaching 1000 users


BolehVPN is now approaching its 1000th active subscribing user! To celebrate this momentous occasion, we will be adding an additional 30 days on top of the subscriber (renewing, returning or new customers) who becomes our 1000th active user.

Many thanks for the immense support provided and much love to all <3.

In other news, the host of the DC-1 servers which have had less than ideal routing on certain IP ranges are now looking into establishing a private peering that would hopefully alleviate some of the issues faced on these servers.

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  1. Wong says:

    Soon, there will be 10000th users, 100000th users…
    I read an article that Australia is going to ban p2p and bittorrent…
    This is where VPN comes in handy.

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