Amazing Artwork! Please support this budding freelance artist!

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Amazing Artwork! Please support this budding freelance artist!

Discovered on the Celestial Order forums!

Max is a budding freelance artist with massive talent but not earning a lot. I took a look at his artwork and decided it needed to be given the recognition it needs!

I’ll give you a taster first (he’ll be handing me more samples of his artwork later).

This is a screen from Sins of a Solar Empire (NOT HIS WORK). As you can see it’s not very impressive.

Right click on the pics and click view image to blow it up to its original size.

Now watch what he does to it!!!!!! This is his OWN drawn portraits. Not taken from anywhere else.

This is his full set which he is still working on as a hobby:

See Milla Jovovich? 😛 He based that pic on her.

Frankly these pics blew me away and everyone else who saw it and I would love to see more of his works and put them into prints! But we need some support to get it into print form and I want to gauge interest before I start sourcing for printers.

Don’t need to talk about price yet, but just want to see if you guys would be ready to ask him to draw something (fantasy related) or a set of pics and I’ll help him distribute his prints to you all!

Please do post your interest in commissioning him to do a poster or something where we will share the cost and sell you the prints! Price has not been decided yet (nothing LOWER than RM30-RM40 (depending on sizes) though these are going to be original pieces) but just let me know if you are interested first!


  1. Bryan says:

    Wow that’s pretty neat. Can’t think of anything I want drawn up tho.

  2. eurayle says:

    Very nice artwork!
    Maybe he can join DeviantArt? I know artists can sell their prints there. Sometimes I do browse the prints to see which I want to buy.. but after converting the USD to MYR.. some of the really nice prints are quite expensive.

    With his talent, maybe he can also try to apply for a job at Stardock?

  3. Hanafi says:

    Wow, it is really beautiful, hope my face can be one of this fantasy..Keep it up bro.

  4. Dale says:

    If he draws anything involving Milla Jovovich I’m game for damn near anything.

  5. sweetie says:

    hi, how can i know more about this? i m very interested with it

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