A quick look at customer feedback on Streamyx

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May 3, 2010
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May 6, 2010
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A quick look at customer feedback on Streamyx

Today I was experiencing some slowdowns with Streamyx with various websites and decided to search Twitter to see if anyone else was having the same problem. Although I did find a lot of complaints, it is uncertain whether it your almost daily ‘Streamyx sucks’ sort of complaints (which it kinda does) or whether there was another unannounced problem.

In my unscientific approach, what I found was more than half or more of posts on Streamyx were complaints on its slowness, the rest were agents trying to sell Streamyx, or people who think Unifi will solve all of Streamy’x problems (wishful thinking). However, I do take note that most people who would bother posting about ISPs will take the form of a complaint. Interestingly, Starhub users in Singapore have also been bitching (try doing a search of starhub on Twitter) and even Comcast though the percentage is a lot less.

Take a peek and a laugh (or a sob) here:


  1. onephatcow says:

    This does nothing but reinforce my notion that Twitter only serves to exemplify how banal people actually are when you read what is clearly important enough for them to Tweet about 🙂

  2. William Lee says:


    I had been experiencing slow since last Sunday evening. Private tracker when I first joined was very fast 90 kb/s. Now, very slow. When I connect to Public Tracker, it only goes around 10 to 15 kb/s….

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