A little lesson on Belkin warranty claims (for surge protectors at least)

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September 11, 2009
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A little lesson on Belkin warranty claims (for surge protectors at least)

Just thought it would be useful to know what the process is for claiming a connected equipment warranty that was burnt despite being behind a Belkin protector.

In Malaysia the company who processes the replacement is:

AV Future Link(KL) Sdn Bhd.
No,14 Jalan 4/152,
Taman Perindustrian O.U.G,
Jalan Puchong
58200 Kuala Lumpur , Malaysia.

Tel:603-77832010, 603-77833010

I started with a phone call to the international support line and told me about my issues and was given a ticket number. I am not sure if this was a necessary step.

The next step was to call AVF and arrange for them to send you a Connected Equipment Warranty form. You fill this up with the damaged equipment’s model number and serial number and also provide the receipts of purchase if you have them. Estimate the cost of repair or replacement based on the CURRENT MARKET rate. You pack the damaged equipment in a box along with the Belkin surge protector that failed to protect you. On the surge protector, write your name behind it in permanent marker.

They will arrange a courier to pick up these items from you in which they will provide you with a new Belkin surge protector to use and pick up your damaged equipment + old surge protector. From then on, they will submit a report at the end of every month (bad luck to those who submit it at the beginning of the month) and your claim will be processed about a week after that by way of a cheque. This is assuming there is no huge discrepancy in the price claimed and their own internal lists.

For me my Asus Rampage Formula, I bought it at RM1250.00 but I was entitled to claim about RM1000.00 which is a fair enough price. The Intel Gigabit Nic was worth about RM90.00 which will be honored.

Am now waiting for them to provide the cheque to me in early October and will keep you guys posted!


  1. dokidoki says:

    wow…if u got the cheque..remember to let us know!!

  2. pitboss says:

    Maybe, just maybe, your name will be published to all Belkin retailers not to accept order from you anymore.
    I believe your house should have a general insurance for this kind of mishap cause I think you have like so many burnt mobo, switches etc ever since I know you the last few years.

    Maybe I should sent my old Asus to your place and pray hard it gets burnt with your Belkin during this rainy and lightning season.

  3. Reuben says:

    Lol 😛 already redid my grounding already!

    And one of the reasons is cause i keep my server on 24/7 mahhh.

  4. ssdemon says:

    the company changed when i called AVF yesterday.
    They no longer have any connection to Belkin.
    The new company is E-MAINTENANCE.
    number : 1300 88 2273

  5. jackhorace says:

    They are more strict now so please take note to keep every equipment that faulty and the receipt also.

  6. zed says:

    not really. they pay you cost repair of connected item. not pay full amount of 1000

  7. cal says:

    just called E-MAINTENANCE. can’t get replacement surge protector AND claim for compromised computer peripherals anymore. either opt for replacement surge protector OR replacement/claim for peripherals. also, have to send in ourselves, no more pickup!

  8. SS Yeoh says:

    Hi to everyone, is it true that Belkin has the right not to entertain any warranty claims for their life time warranty products if we can’t produce the receipts of purchase? I tried to make a claim for my damaged surge protector without a receipt through E-Maintenance but was rejected by E-M. I bought the device from an outlet I guess maybe 2 – 3 years ago and that outlet has also discontinue selling their products. I need some advice please.

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