A Little Humour on SKMM and TM's relationship

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November 23, 2010
Interesting Theory on why the International Capping has taken place: Save bandwidth, promote Unifi
November 30, 2010
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A Little Humour on SKMM and TM's relationship

Some of the replies to the post in LYN I made to bring to light the attention of Streamyx speed capping are quite humorous. This one in particular made me smile 😛


SKMM call TMnuts,

SKMM: oi ppl complaint u la.. do something la k ?

TMnuts: ok ok la.. we try la.. anything we give  a call la k?

SKMM: ok la.. btw.. when wanna go golf together?

TMnuts: bz shaping the traffic, next time la


  1. kahchoon88 says:

    I think that its just the relationship between skmm & tmnut. Totally agree & hilarious…haha

  2. Aravinthan says:

    Usual s.k.m.m. Tidor.

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