A few clarifications on the IPT takedown and proposed solutions

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July 5, 2014
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July 6, 2014
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A few clarifications on the IPT takedown and proposed solutions

Dear Customers,

First of all, thank you for all the support you’ve provided to BolehVPN and your comments and we value your feedback.

Of course, this was not done easily and I personally did try to negotiate with IPT but they’re not too happy with the repeated abuse. The account was taken down without warning and when the founder of IPT contacted me I was basically given very little alternative. His admins are fedup of dealing with our abuse.

I think there’s some misunderstanding. First of all, with the previously posted compensation scheme, everybody who wasn’t a trial user got access to the IPT account that’s worth 20 USD provided that they e-mail us. In fact this is probably a bad idea for BolehVPN since customers can just purchase us for one month, get the IPT account through a discounted rate and then leave and use the IPT account for themselves. As such I am putting this compensation scheme only for customers with 180 days subscriptions and above. Those who received their accounts already are welcome to keep them. However this only a temporary stop gap solution.

However, there isn’t a way that I can guarantee IPT that abuse will not happen UNLESS I take logs of people using it which goes against the privacy ethos of our business.

I am trying to work out something with IPT but appreciate suggestions as to what we can do to convince IPT that abuse will not happen and it will result in a win-win scenario for the both of us. If we can stop the abuse and provide some form of incentive for IPT to allow these users onto the network, I’m confident we can work something out. Appreciate your patience and your ideas on this matter.

Another way I have thought about countering the loss of the free leech is to grant seedbox usage to customers so that they can build their ratios but this is still very much an unpolished idea.

The way I’m thinking about is to only allow freeleech IPT access to one year customers with an addon price that would go directly to IPT. The discounted addon price would only be valid when renewing the VPN account and the freeleech status will expire upon expiry of the VPN account. This ensures a steady stream of income for IPT, keeps people accountable to their accounts while continuing to enjoy BolehVPN’s services.

Appreciate your patience and thoughts. Also I will be forwarding this blog post to the founder of IPT, so do let your voices be known that many of you are good users of IPT and it’s only a small fraction of idiots that make life difficult for all of us.

Best Regards,
Co-Founder of BolehVPN

PS: I would like to remind that although we are aware that many of you subscribed to us because of IPT, it was always a complimentary free gift that we do try our best to offer but never guaranteed. We of course will use our best efforts in working out something.


  1. yaku says:

    My BolehVPN account was expiring in a few days and was about to renew it tonight. Going to hold off on renewing as most of the other chaps subscribed to BVPN I too am just here for the IPT account.

    I totally misunderstood the earlier announcement and went ahead and donated to IPT to get my own account. Sad to part ways, but I’ll do keep an eye out on how you handle this and see if it will be enough to pull me back into subscribing to BVPN.

    Until then, thanks for all the years we’ve been together and all the best to your team.

  2. Neurolept says:

    Am ok freeleech for a year and above. Don’t mind extra payment if needed too.
    Service has always been wonderful. Keep it up.

  3. paul wong says:

    Reuben, I support the one year with addon idea wholeheartedly. I thank you for always trying to sort out the mess caused by others.

  4. dokidoki says:

    i am also royal bolehvpn subscriber since the bolehvpn start business…i do agreed the IPT freeleech account is one of the huge attraction for me to keep coming back with bolehvpn..

    i am fine with anything as long as i get a freeleech IPT access 🙂

  5. Choongster says:

    I have been a subscriber for almost 5 years I think. I have always pay for 180 days package. Which means I will never be able to enjoy the benefits if offered to those who are new 1 year subscriber.

    May I suggest those loyal subscriber also have some sort of access?
    Maybe say those with more than 3 years constant subscription?

  6. Mike says:

    I agree with the extra payment and the above one year . I also feel that you could do a joint packege of VPN servic and seed box as that seems to be the best plan

  7. nothappy says:

    Where to begin to with his garbage… DEFINE ‘abuse’? Because until you do that, it sounds like a scam.

    These were the rules.
    You shall not change the password/e-mail or any other details in the pbbolehvpn Profile
    You shall NOT COMMENT in any torrents or make any statements
    You shall use an approved torrent client (uTorrent is recommended)
    You shall NOT SEND INVITES out without the prior permission of BolehVPN
    You shall not use any software to cheat ratio (the account is FreeLeech anyway)
    Do not share the IPT account information with non BolehVPN customers or publish it in any form of media.
    You shall not give yourself invites or use bonus points from the account.

    Why is changing the pass or email an option? Because 2) isn’t an option. Don’t you know that? Commenting like visiting the forum isn’t possible with boleh account.

    Forced use of software? Maybe but there’s no list shown there.

    Invites shouldn’t be possible.

    Cheat is redundant.

    Yeah that’s about it. So tell us what was abused and we can tell you what to do about it. Money isn’t the answer. That being your respond is suspicious. Also not something you want to do. I won’t be paying I know that much

  8. DH says:

    Dear Reuben,

    Thank you for your response. I’m sure with the other avid supporters of BolehVPN and IPT, we are united in finding a solution that benefits all of us and we are in it for the long term gain.

    “However, there isn’t a way that I can guarantee IPT that abuse will not happen UNLESS I take logs of people using it which goes against the privacy ethos of our business”.
    Please elaborate how you will take logs of people using it? As long as what you’re doing is not contrary to the Personal Data Protection Act 2010, which is collecting and using my personal data without my consent then I am perfectly happy to let you take logs of me using it so that I would not be at the receiving end of all the stupidity of the abusers at my expense.

    “I am trying to work out something with IPT but appreciate suggestions as to what we can do to convince IPT that abuse will not happen and it will result in a win-win scenario for the both of us. If we can stop the abuse and provide some form of incentive for IPT to allow these users onto the network, I’m confident we can work something out. Appreciate your patience and your ideas on this matter.”
    I read INCENTIVE for IPT. Money is always a good incentive. Which is why we proposed chipping in a little extra annually. In fact I’d purely be happy to pay BolehVPN purely for the IPT shared account it provides rather than the VPN service itself which goes to show how committed I am to this.

    “The way I’m thinking about is to only allow freeleech IPT access to one year customers with an addon price that would go directly to IPT. The discounted addon price would only be valid when renewing the VPN account and the freeleech status will expire upon expiry of the VPN account. This ensures a steady stream of income for IPT, keeps people accountable to their accounts while continuing to enjoy BolehVPN’s services”
    Perfectly agreeable so long as the addon price is reasonable. I’m already a consistent 1 year customer for a long time now. Like I said money is always a good incentive and it also shows good faith commitment to good use of the freeleech account.

  9. paul wong says:

    i agree with DH, money is always the incentive, also money is always a deterrent to those abuser. i suggest again, pay for IPT. maybe an unpopular suggestion, but charge the highest you can for the deterrent. those who know they wont be paying, i am sure will find another alternative, just not with IPT.

  10. hungryarchi says:

    Does it cost 20 USDto get an IPT account? I emailed and got an account. I have a credit for 1.9 GB in my new account. I can’t even download one 720 movie with that credit. How about free leach status on our account for a couple months? That would give us plenty of time to build a decent upload ratio. I have no problem maintaining a ratio. But 1.9 GB is rough. I would have no problem donating to IPT to get the free leach status. But I’ll wait to see how this shakes out. Isn’t the loss of all of bolehs members going to affect IPT?

  11. Anthony says:

    it has been great with so many years subscribing to bvpn. so I’m supporting the one year with addon idea. have to see how much of that gonna to be.

  12. Reuben says:

    @nothappy The abuse was someone downloaded the torrents using the freeleech account and uploaded them to a public forum where people could use those torrents and download off our pbbolehvpn account since within that torrent are all the necessary passkeys to make it work. As such whatever they downloaded went through the pbbolehvpn account.

    This is a transcript of the conversation:

    [5:22:39 PM] X: way too many of your users abused IPT account.
    [5:22:47 PM] X: uploaded our .torrent files on public sites
    [5:22:56 PM] Reuben: Eh seriously?
    [5:22:59 PM] X: which is a direct ban for anyone that does it
    [5:23:05 PM] X: yes. been doing for like 1+ month
    [5:23:10 PM] X: we found URLs and had to suspend it

  13. maxbudin says:

    Interesting ideas Reuben, thank you for the update. I did offer suggestions if you saw it.

    The thing is, it is very difficult to verify and vouch for “real and honest” users from those trouble makers. I mean, for instance, banks can make a credit check on loan applications. As such, its very difficult to ascertain rouge users and their intentions other than cutting them out after (too late) they abuse usage. So its near impossible to be proactive.

    As it is, even now, any existing IPT member can still upload material taken from IPT to public sites whilst hiding under other guises, making it hard for IPT to determine who it was. Thats another story for IPT to consider, hopefully appreciate has happened to us.

    We are all penalised by IPT due to these rougues. Would IPT be satisfied if Boleh creates separate/individual Boleh user access and that each user be accountable individually rather than the whole Boleh community? Of course there may be other technicalities I’m not knowledgable of. But I do understand how this issue can be complex and sensitive.

    Hopefully, a simpler solution can be found. I’m not sure about how seedbox might work having no experience using one, plus its overheads for both Boleh and its clients. I suppose its really up to IPT, to find and weigh a happy balance between its security and business existence. Whether a mutual concensus can be met, is the reallity. If their position is they can do without Boleh clients, we are stuck in the mud.
    We’ll just have to look else where and be wiser from this experience.

  14. paul wong says:

    max, reuben already suggested this, as follows…….

    “The way I’m thinking about is to only allow freeleech IPT access to one year customers with an addon price that would go directly to IPT. The discounted addon price would only be valid when renewing the VPN account and the freeleech status will expire upon expiry of the VPN account. This ensures a steady stream of income for IPT, keeps people accountable to their accounts while continuing to enjoy BolehVPN’s services”

    I am totally agreeable to this.

  15. James says:

    Apparently folks have been sharing out the login details for the IPT account too. Googled “pbbolehvpn” and discovered the login password here (http://www.xmarks.com/topic/private_torrents). It’s been quite a while since I had to log into the pbbolehvpn IPT account so I can’t recall when this particular incident occurred.

  16. maxbudin says:

    Yes Paul Wong, I did read what Reuben said. I’m unclear if he meant that EACH… Boleh user account will manage their own IPT username and or password for that freeleech account. Or is it still a shared logon. Makes for better control when access is compartmentalised by user is what I meant. Sorry if I was vague.

    Personally I feel rather than increasing payment for IPT, a 1 year subscription account is still too weak. The rouge can still be a hit and run bugger wanting to cause havoc.

    Perhaps a long term user of more than 2 years OR those buying subs for 2 years upwards should be considered as serious user, viable for the bonus?

  17. Les says:

    Find out a way to nail the culprits, then proceed to ban them for life! If u don’t, the abuse will continue even if u impose one year subscription to bolehVPN. Just do what u hv to do to allow yr subscribers access to iptorrents as it is the sole reason for my bolehvpn subscription. U guys have been doing a great job thus far so i am keeping my faith in u guys in resolving this matter asap. FYI : I am already on a one year subscription and if i hv to fork out a little bit more $$, then so be it.

  18. paul wong says:

    Max, i was hoping it would be compartmentalised. I also agree, to do whatever is necessary, if 2 years is needed and is a stronger deterrant, then should be 2 years sub.

  19. Hidayat says:

    Give your 6 months or 1 year subscribers to have an option to have a personalized freeleech account. If they get banned due to whatever x reasons, then it’s their own problem. Make the expiry upon expiry of BPVN. Problem solved.

  20. Nemo says:

    What about those on seedbox service? I’ve been a loyal VPN user for a long time but switched to the seedbox service recently. If you impose a one year or two year sub requirement, the cost will be too high for seedbox users. One year subs for VPN is not even six months for the combo. What options for us? I think seedbox users are more likely and able to maintain ratios in the first place.

  21. neth says:

    so it comes to paying extra money huh.. wat bout us the renew renew i usually take 2month most long ive taken is 180days i think,, but i keep renewing n been with you guys for years already.. juz take log la with bolehvpn id, nt doing anything wrong wat am i scared off. dont ask for “special” payment wat a crap, dont make people misery a turn to make more profit leh like dat seedbox become cheaper solution then 1 year services if i gotta always buy 1 year 1 year but nt sure if oh ipt abused again nw gotta take 2/3 years subs for u to use our “bonus gift” im pissed seriously

  22. Gus says:

    I to would agree to additional payment for 1 year subscribers if the cost is reasonable. If a percentage of this extra fee goes to IPTorrents to help them, could they be persuaded to give every 1 year subscriber that pays the extra fee a full freeleech account with personalized passwords. I know this would take some co-ordination between Boleh and IPtorrents but I believe if everyone had their own account with passwords it would deter the abuse. I have been a Boleh user for a number of years now and have been well satisfied with their service. Lets all work together to keep what I think is a great product in IPTorrents. Good luck in your negotiations.

  23. alyx says:

    I’ve been with bolehvpn since the beginning and seen it grown from a tiny vpn community to a full blown vpn provider.I have paid for 2 years subscription in which will expire in 12/2015. As with all the users here, i used bolehvpn primarily for screamyx but ever since i got hold of unifi, well, IPT freeleech was the main reason for the continuing subscription with bolehvpn. I dont mind forking out slightly a bit of money out for freeleech account since i fork our for a 2 years subscription. Well, i hope this problem will resolve soon.

  24. jayell says:

    My experience getting my own account with IPT was awful — I got a paid account and then paid more to increase my DL limit — then the admins accused me of cheating by not having some obscure flag set in my torrent client (I didn’t even know what they were talking about). I tried to ask them for clarification to help me and insisted I wasn’t “cheating” but they kicked me off anyway, after I had sent them a fair amount of money. Just saying I wouldn’t put it past them to be trying to extort more money out of the bolehvpn community. They seem like real assholes.

  25. Indingo says:

    Reuben, I understand your stance and completely accent it, unlike many others here I purchased BolehVPN for the VPN service and not the IPT extra gift which was a nice surprise and I will continue to use BolehVPN no matter the decision. I have however come up with sort of a solution, and that is offering the IPT account access to users of BolehVPN with (2) + years of service or more, for free or with a ($10) one time upgrade fee. Or you could go the other route and make it a grandfathered service, meaning only users that registered with BolehVPN originally before (December 25 2012) and still have active accounts can access it, because then we have accountability for the users and also we know the troublemakers wont be on it as I believe they must have a relatively new account.

    Let me know what you guys think, Trust from (2)+ years service, or grandfathered trusted members pact. Both would work, both would satisfy most members here who complain about only subscribing for IPT.

    Good luck guys. Email me if you want further assistance.

  26. Indingo says:

    @ add,

    Please Reubem, whatever others say, do not start logging. It would be very foolish to turn your great VPN service into a lesser one just because people want IPT account, don’t sacrifice your morels for lesser gains.

    Thanks again 🙂

  27. maxbudin says:

    Anyone know of other similarly good private sites as alternative options?
    Anyone willing to move elsewhere?

    Understand that the bonus is complimentary and not guaranteed. Any reason this complimentary gift is limited to only IPT?

    Long ago, discontinued grabage local statelite tv ever since using BolehVPN. Kids got educated with good material, and other stuff. Told them what has happened. They’re sad and disappointed… what to do….rising prices…diminishing returns.

  28. Arshavin says:

    If IPT insists on banning the account why don’t we switch to another private tracker site?

  29. Rando2438 says:

    Two year – free
    one year – fee whatever you decide
    less than one year – not available

    This should weed out the majority of the troublemakers…

    In the end you may not be able to get the kids and I bet this is the kids …to stop doing this no matter what. So the service, gift, whatever will be ruined.

    IPT should be willing to work something out since they will lose too without a solution. I am not technical so this may be dumb….how about a server logged and dedicated only to IPT account? Any abuser can be found and banned.

  30. Indingo says:

    We could also somehow get IPTorrents to only allow downloading through the BolehVPN account from BolehVPN shared IP’s from the BolehVPN servers, that way only people on the actual BolehVPN service can use the BolehVPN IPTorrents account? If that would be technically workable.

  31. prasad says:

    I agree to give IPT access to minimum 1 year VPN users. We will not abuse it as we have much invested in bolehvpn

  32. Ian says:

    I agree with ipt access to those with a minimum 1 year VPN, and possibly those with an existing 2 year membership. Possibly also consider those users that have had an account for a number of years as they are unlikely to be the abusers.

  33. Ian says:

    In addition to my above. I would find it difficult to maintain an upload ratio and therefore freeleach would be ideal. I forgot to mention IPT was the main reason I continued with bolehvpn and also advised my friends the same

  34. jared says:

    i think serious subscriber u can check how long they been with Boleh rather than saying need a year or two year or even three years subscription. my 2 cents. As I really believe that having access to IPT is the main attraction why most of us subscribe to Boleh. personally I think it’s going to be tough for Boleh to maintain its’ current subscriber if access to IPT is not there…

  35. mohdazri says:

    I’ve been a customer of bolehvpn since June 2011. Inital subscription was due to throttling by streamyx, but since I’m on maxis fibre, the VPN part became redundant. The MAIN reason I kept renewing my account (the last one was for 2 years, ending Jan 2016) was because of IPT. So please, if IPT option is gone forever, can you at least provide access to other premium torrent site? I do feel that to prevent users from abusing their privileged access to IPT (or alternative premium site), the logs need to be monitored. Individual users MUST be held accountable for their actions, instead of the BolehVPN community on the whole being blamed for the misconduct of these few users.

  36. glittershoe says:

    I’d be more than happy to pay for a year sub with a bump to IPT for freeleach. If IPT will go for it, let’ do it.

  37. hurtnet says:

    haizzz.. i know i nvr subscribe and pay for long subscription but i renew2 ive been your return customer for years now i think at least 2-4 yrs already.. i agree with jared btw, your gunning d whole tribe coz some outsider who were inserted maybe to tarnish d group

  38. Penanguy says:

    Could we stop all this discussion and go ahead with “only allow freeleech IPT access to one year customers with an addon price”? This discussion is not leading to anywhere. Thank you.

  39. Penanguy-2 says:

    Reuben, I am ready for the one-year subscription! No IPT, no life….

  40. ShadowTek says:

    Occational freelech is okay, but permanant freeleach just draws in the loosers who have no sence of community and have no intention of ever contributing back to it. I’m suprised IPT put up with this much shit for this long, and I hope all the bitchers and moaners that are threatening to leave Boleh over this will do so and never return. That should help weed out some of the lame-ass posers.

    The IPT access has been labeled clearly as “bonus gift” for quite some time, meaning that it isn’t supposed to be what you’re paying for, nor the reason that you’re using Boleh.

    Boleh != IPT

  41. xtr107450 says:

    Thanks Rueben, happy to pay extra to receive a IPT free leech account. Where I come from we need a vpn for downloading so have no intention of leaving your service even if there is no IPT.

    Great Service. 🙂

  42. Nightcomer says:

    I’m all for the IPT for one year subscribers only plan. Should have been done a long time ago given the constant attempts at hijacking and other dumb things these minority idiots do to inconvenience the rest of us. I also wouldn’t mind tossing in an extra USD 10 per year to contribute to the Boleh IPT account if required.

  43. ZeLeecher says:

    Some suggestions:
    1# One Year subscription – get IPT Freeleech account
    2 # Torrents downloaded from freeleech account can only work on bolehvpn connections – this will render torrents useless without a bolehvpn account
    # Allow torrenting with IPT account on certain servers only – similar to above suggestion but with more restrictions
    # Have logging turned on for the above servers and info kept probably for a week or more
    # To mitigate the cost of this suggestion, have additional change for users who whats access to the freeleech account

  44. Spanky says:

    I have been a subscriber for 2 years. I am totally in favor of only giving it to 1yr plan holders and I wouldnt mind at all paying 100$ for 1yr + IPT.

  45. nekonron says:

    Been a customer for a few years but I usually sub for 2 months at a time. What if you lock the bonus for customers with less than 1 year history with bolehvpn? That would prevent people to create a new sub just to get the IPT access, and at the same time allow your old customer base to keep using it. A more frequent change of password would probably help too.

  46. cajun2de says:

    I Agree with some of the suggestions here.

    – offer it to customers who are on 180 days sub and above
    – offer long and loyal customers maybe 2-3 years of being with you guys

    I myself rarely use the vpn service as i mainly renew for ipt access, i wouldn’t mind if it is offered as a paid service for a certain fee

  47. Silver_leaf says:

    I like ZeLeechers Summary. I particulary agree with point #2 the IPT access needs to be linked with bolehvpn connections so handing out passwords will be less of a problem.

    Just some additional thoughts.
    – Money alone is a weak deterent for abusers (especially for one who is determined). It’s likely they can weather any price increase beyond the point where it alienates most of your existing legitimate client base
    – The length of membership with Bolehvpn seems like a good filter. Instead of just subscription length so not as to exclude those loyal clients that like to renew membership on a shorter than annual basis
    – Is it possible to get for us to each get individual IPT accounts or passwords handed out by Bolehvpn and have them linked a group seeding so we can benefit from free leech status. I know I for one can’t maintain a decent seeding rate because of my slow upload speeds
    – If individual accounts is too cumbersome. How a few tiered IPT accounts that are segregated based on membership length (like one for membership for 3+ years, 1-2 years and one for less than 1 year). This will keep existing customer base happy and also allow Bolehvpn to sell this feature to new legitimate clients. Also help test if membership length is indeed a good way of filtering out abusers.
    – If IPT doesn’t come around, can we implement the above such measures with a different quality torrent site so fees aren’t raised too high?

  48. Gorg says:

    IPT played a 50% factor in my sub for this VPN service [whether it is called ‘free gift’ or not — it was a solid reason to stay here].

    1] Will IPT cut a deal for individual accounts in terms of ratio/cost?
    2] Another private tracker?

    Been spoiled by freeleach….if it’s gone, I have some stuff to think about.

  49. Gorg says:

    I forgot to add: Please either pull the ‘free gift’ section or add a comment indicating it is not available. I almost submitted a ticket for the outage….

  50. dokidoki says:

    @nekonron …

    the problem is not just password issue…this time is someone download the iptorrent contain and share it on public torrent….

  51. Rando2438 says:

    I wouldn’t be surprised if the Ruskies are just shaking you down for more money…shop around…I bet they are not even the best game in town.

  52. maxbudin says:

    Reuben, I read your blog a few times where you opened the floor for suggestions.

    It became apparent to me if we are to help offer suggestions, IPT needs to list what exactly are IPT grievances, especially by those fedup moderators.

    Right now I can only assume and only guess mainly two that comes to mind. ie the password leaks and uploading to public sites.

    Other than that, as far as I know, Boleh users are locked out of everything on IPT and we are effectively become downloading ghosts.

    So what else are IPT moderators not happy with? what abuse ? If we have a list then we can collectively try to redress them.

    As it is, just saying … fed up of “repeated abuse” is pretty vague.

  53. drm295 says:

    I agree with the principle behind having IPT access as an add-on to certain groups of subscribers. However, I would suggest adding a few more categories to who can qualify for the add-on and not just limiting to one-year subscribers. I have been a long-time subscriber to BolehVPN (since 2008 or 2009 I think), and have always taken the 180-day option as a personal preference. So perhaps you can consider loyal customers who do not use a one-year subscription but have been with you for a long time as well for the add-on service. Thanks and keep up the good work so far.

  54. Jeff says:

    I need to renew my service but I am waiting to see which I have to get now to get the use of IPT. So hope you can get this figured out soon , so I can renew.

  55. Peter C Goh says:

    I totally agree on a freeleech account on IPT only for those with a one year or more BolehVPN. Please let IPT know, that apart from this, i would gladly pay a fixed yearly fee for a freeleech account

  56. bsguy says:

    can IPT lock pbbolehvpn account logins and dowloads to IP’s of Boleh servers? it would be a bit less convenient to boleh users, but it would make sharing boleh’s IPT login details with outsiders redundant – personally I always use a FullyRouted connection when uTorrent is on.

    i also would not be opposed to log keeping if they are short-term (say 1 week) and only of members who choose the IPT “bonus” – I assume that should be enough to catch most of the abusers since they are probably just stupid kids and drunk a-holes rather than serious long-term planners out abuse the system out of pure malice.

    i would not be opposed to paying a little extra for the IPT freeleech account, although i’d prefer it not be tied to long-term subscription so that it not deter new customers. fwiw, i’ve been a customer for over 4 years, and currently have a 1-year subscription.

  57. Activestream says:

    Same here whatever it takes to get t IPT back up I’m in including the 1 year subscription plan. Thanks

  58. GameSky says:

    owh..that sucks..I came also for ipt..since streamyx user definitely hard to maintain their ratio on private trackers.. well time to move on i guess… damn those bastard who abused it much …

  59. Jonz80 says:

    Agreed on providing the loyal customers with IPT freeleech account. I’ve just got the invite for my own account and seriosly 1.9gb of ratio is appalling. Cant even start to download something decent to upload.

    I’ve been using BolehVPN for about 3 years and all my subscription is also based on 180 days basis. Hope you guys would look at this segment of loyal customers as well and not only the annual customers when it comes to deciding who to give a freeleech status to. I’ll gladly get myself an annual subscription next if it happens, hopefully this would be resolved soon.

  60. Gary says:

    I have been a subscriber to Bolehvpn for several years and have just renewed in May for a 2 year period.

    My usage of Bolehvpn is 10% for non IPT usage and 90% for IPT. This is a great disappointment to see the IPT account has been disabled. Having said that, there is no doubt the difficulty on keeping the IPT account straight is an ongoing problem. The idiots that have played with the password many times have caused problems. There is no doubt people have passed out the passwords to friends etc which I can certainly understand pisses off IPT.

    I would not mind paying a fair sum for a freeleach status through Bolehnet.

    I like ZeLeechers summary point #2 the IPT access needs to be linked with bolehvpn connections so handing out passwords will be less of a problem. This is a good idea IF possible.

    Hopefully something can be done to get the IPT account back up with more protection for the users of Bolehnet.

    I certainly understand the frustration of the Bolehvpb subscribers which I share 100 percent.

    The people responsible for this problem need to be taken out into the street and castrated.

  61. Sunflower1970 says:

    I originally signed up for Bolehvpn based on the VPN service (as I was trying out multiple services at the time to see who had the best speeds). I didn’t even know about IPT at that time. It really was a nice bonus to have that service available. I’ve been with Boleh for a year and half now & will continue with the service no matter what happens. I have no problem paying a bit more for freeleech status. The service is well worth it.

  62. pangolin88 says:

    Hi Reuben, I have been a subscriber before IPT and will continue to be one even without IPT.
    Reading through the comments about people leaving bolehvpn if there is no free gift, I wonder whether our problems with IPT could have stemmed from someone with malicious intent.
    Your competitors would be overjoyed to see the chaos created by withdrawing IPT. They would consider it cheap to subscribe to one year if by doing so they can create trouble for you.
    Just my 2c worth.

  63. bask3t says:

    This goes out to the a-hole or a-holes who abuse the IPT account and took away our freedom..2 MidFing and a big F-You..yes..a very BIG F-YOU..with that being said…would gladly chip in a bit if needed and keep supporting BolehVPN(been with u guys since ’08)..

    P/S: another 2MidFing and a BIG F-YOU to the abusing C*nt!!

  64. MSkiles29 says:

    Whatever you decide on, please don’t start keeping logs as this goes against the purpose of the VPN.

    If only customers (plans of 180 days or greater) who’ve been with BolehVPN for more than a year were allowed access to IPT, that should weed out most of the people causing problems.

  65. kahyeec says:

    Reuben, I subscribe to Boleh Because of IPT Freeleech, My friends mom needs her WWE gusti every Wednesday and saturday. I can only leave my comp on after 6PM and shut it down at 7AM, dont know how to improve my ratio and all the extra tidbits that is on my personal IPT dashboard now is driving me crazy. I need Free Leech.

    Why dont IPT just do like every account created with BolehVPN invite gets to be freeleech ?

  66. Mengshi6559 says:

    Agreed with 1 year with added free leech for a fee. Hopefully, this will be configured to be accessible via proxy rather than the routed method ( the current stop gap measures requires use of routed method which shakes surfing slow).

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