A 1000 Apologies: Support E-mail was down for past 3-4 days

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December 8, 2010
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December 20, 2010
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A 1000 Apologies: Support E-mail was down for past 3-4 days

Many apologies, it appears our support e-mail had some issues due to a recent server upgrade by our hosts but this appears to be now rectified. If you had sent an e-mail to us over the past 4 days or so and have NOT received a response, please resend and we’ll deal with your issues ASAP.

Again a 1000 apologies (bonus points for guessing where this is from ;P)

Albert in the comments got it right!


  1. Albert Deen says:

    “Mind Your Language” If I remember correctly the guys name Ranjeet.

  2. Albert Deen says:

    It was shown in UK in the late 70’s. This show was enjoyable and made me very happy and proud because there was a fellow Malaysian in that show at that time. A Penang born.

    An apology is enough. At least it is better than that Screamyx that feel that they can do whatever they want to the users without saying anything.

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