50 kB/sec cap problem is confirmed on some Streamyx users

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November 17, 2010
Streamyx Users to have Download Quotas?
November 23, 2010
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50 kB/sec cap problem is confirmed on some Streamyx users

After doing a few tech support requests with Streamyx users I noticed several disturbing trends where ALL TYPES of INTERNATIONAL traffic including HTTP were capped at approximately 512 kilobit although they were on higher packages. Testing on a local server however gave them full speed.

We’ll keep you posted as we find out more but best to make a complaint to SKMM by clicking here and enclosing speedtest results to Singapore and other international countries and then speedtest results to local servers. Let’s put some pressure on TM to restore what has been rightfully paid for.


  1. clieman says:

    Those affected are you all in Unifi or ADSL as well? If Unifi only then I better cancel my appointment for installation.

  2. freeman says:

    iirc it was on streamyx also

  3. Manmohanjit says:

    I have a 4MB connection, and sometimes I only get 150KB/s. I usually get 400KB/s

  4. hurtnet says:

    nt affected.. im dwnloading from my seedbox all fine.. 1Mb connection n i get speed of 160-190Kbps sometimes even reach 210.. -Kch, Swak.

  5. xroot2000 says:

    I’ve also experience the same problem since around two weeks. Download speed caps at 50 kB/s (2MB connection)
    Tawau, Sabah.

  6. freeman85 says:

    it more random ,,not everyone affected by the caps
    more like tm got some faulty software/hardware setting

  7. keith says:

    Looks like somebody messed up the DB again.

  8. cranko says:

    4Mbps connection with 50KB/s to 150KB/s max DL.It’s been a week already..haven’t experienced this bad bad connection before..something is happening….

  9. kahchoon88 says:

    1Mb connection in ipoh n i usually get speed of 160-190Kbps on torrent now if lucky 65-100kbps unlucky 25-50kbps. I think tmnut has done it again……..

  10. ainuddin says:

    im guessing that tmnet is capping users to support the workload of the affected servers from north, i.e. kedah and perlis because of the recent flooding.

  11. ainuddin says:

    or tmnet is just being plain jackasses and brewing something bad for their users.

  12. KK says:

    i m living in muar. DL from http is just 30Kbps, i m having a 1mb line !!!!

  13. J says:

    i am also facing such issues with my 1M line. using speednet to test, connections to local servers i get the normal proper speed but once i test international servers the download speeds drop to 0.2xMb to low 0.4xMb.

    I’ve written two emails with screen caps to them and they’ve investigated and even sent a technician to my house to check. of course everything checks out properly. no issues with my hardware and no issues with local connection. his explanation is his job is to ensure everything works well locally. stupid really. we need to do something to get back our regular speeds!

  14. Nicolice says:

    Same issues, I thought only my problem…

    from Kuching, Sarawak

  15. kaxhinaz says:

    Here in KK Sabah, I can only get 0.3 Mb/s. The upload is actually higher! Damn…

  16. Caleb says:

    Stupid TMNut, i called them they say need to ask direct connection la, this la, that la… all stupid questions they ask all the time. The workers like robot, say this they dunno, ask this they dunno…. i want back my regular international speeds!!!

  17. keith says:

    Ok, now I’m feeling it as well.
    Was on 115.x IP before and I wasn’t affected but my modem got reseted due to a power cut and now I’m on 124.x IP and now unable to maintain stable speed, download goes between 45-100kBps.
    1MB pack.

  18. Andrew says:

    I seem to be hitting the 50kb/sec wall now. Downloading at 43kb/sec only… when it’s good, i can get up to 150kb+. So guess the point of BolehVPN is moot now. The whole idea of signing up for BolehVPN was to bypass the throttling.

    • Reuben says:

      This 50kB wall exists even on http dls so its not something that we can do about since its almost a global throttle on everything international.

      Some ppl have noticed it going away if they switch to a different ip but this isn’t really a ‘throttle’ per se…heck we don’t even know if its legal for them to give u something slower than advertised.

      We suspect TM is doing something and this 50kB wall is temporary but finding this out is a problem as their underlings are uninformed.

  19. Andrew says:

    Hey Reuben… thanks for your email. Appreciate it… don’t mind me… it’s just the frustration talking. Been fully satisfied with BolehVPN for years now.

  20. sibea says:

    Where I am, http DLs are maxing at around 20K/s…even regular surfing is punctuated by timeouts and random failures….so frustrating…

  21. J says:

    are we actually able to do anything about this since they have not issued any statement or admitted to anything. all we users can see and know is we subscribe to 1M package for example and they’ve capped it to a measly speed. it’s like having your balls squeezed..you know it but you just can’t seem to do anything or don’t know what to do about it.

  22. Eric says:

    I getting problem connecting to Taiwan server (crazy latency from 1800-0200) .From 01nov2010 till now.Even im using Enterprise package.
    Tmnet don’t know how to control or shaping international traffic ? or they simply limit all the connection to international ,when something abnormal with the international connection ?
    They maybe not understand what will effected, they killing all the business related with internet, this is not home firewall or QOS to let them play around .How come Malaysia goverment let these happening….

  23. Exarkun says:

    I just got hit with the 50kb/s limit.

    However I checked my router and saw I was connected to their 115.xxx IP address. After a couple of reconnects, I got the 175.xxx IP and now chugging along at 180kb/s.

    The cap might be IP dependent from my 2 minute observation and test 😀

  24. schweetjp says:

    No obvious signs for throttling at my place (KL). Yesterday and the day before I had 100~160kBps on bt during night and daytime (thanks BolehVPN hehe)

    This morning at 1-3am got like 150kbps over http, but that doesn’t count, I guess.

  25. DoDo says:

    ive been hit by the cap… im on 4mb package now stuck betweer 60 ~ 100kb i could normally get up to 400k o gawd…. – reporting from melaka (118.xxx ip)

  26. Shahiran says:

    Same issues here, i am on 1mb but i am getting 512mb 🙁 I thought only my problem…

    from Penang

  27. gotodmc says:

    yeah i’m having the same issue. IP add starts with 115.. 🙁

    frm penang

  28. kl says:

    Same here in pj,…. since yesterday. around 40kbps……

  29. DoDo says:

    its getting worse? my speeds prviously was at least capped at 100k now its waay down to 50 ~55k way to go TM luckily i only paid rm 88 a month for 4mb ~_~

  30. Nix says:

    this happen to me last 2 days. always on IP 115 and 118 now change to 175, dont know what the heck of this IP is. On 1mbps package and always run 170-200kbps but since last 2 days, drop down to 20kbps!!!!!! guarantee complaint them later

  31. Naton says:

    Same here!!! any updates yet???
    166kbps > 30~70kbps

  32. Nix says:

    bro Naton, what can we do? I call TM this morning they insist that they didn’t cap on streamyx user and said my speed is normal, walao~! I on and off VPN also the same speed, damn

    by the way my location is Sentul, KL

  33. Eichi says:

    Mine was fast on Ip 115 and last night where it suddenly dced the IP changed to 175 and there’s my nightmare begin. Location Sentul too.

  34. Matt says:

    Hey guys.. same issue.. 1mb line now stuck constantly at 60kb dl speed. Seems like a sure cap to me coz the damn thing cant exceed 65kb on anything i download.
    Wtf.. i’ve tried the reconnecting thing a few times and now on ip 175 but same shit. speedtest shows a max of 0.7mb line..hmm its not 0.5 but its really strange. damn tmnuts..

  35. Eichi says:

    Totally dead even when using VpN lol.

  36. Dwemer says:

    VPN won’t help since this is a hard cap. I foresee the VPN providers will be losing some customers because of this.

  37. pitboss says:

    The hardcap + p2p throttle, what else? You still get max 50K for the VPN and 5K without VPN. This by far the most amazing strategies deployed by TM.
    Upon further testing, download using VPN only get 50K and 8K without VPN,
    Direct download from seedbox http can max to 100KB but https VPN max about 50K as well. Here the interesting part, download from CBJ directly using streamyx also resulted in 50K (http and https).
    download from CBJ2 to international resulted in maximum 10MB or 100mbps.

    Local content providers are hit too with this clever TM FUP. In other words, you can keep host your local contents in a cheaper servers overseas. It seems that the capped in being done in Brickfield(BRF) gateway and not the international gateway in CBJ2.

    TM streamyx users should all downgrade their package to 1mbit immediately and this will wipe out half of their broadband revenue.

    In my opinion, everyone should get to their twitter and facebook accounts and start sending messages to PM, Rais, SKMM and whatever else you can for this daylight robbery.

  38. Allen says:

    mine 1mb capped to 512kbps. mostly my download speed will reach 180KB/sec but decrease to 80KB/sec equal to 512kbps.
    also at my office using 4mb decrease to 2mb speed. this is really wrong and not excusable. what pitboss say was right, downgrade your streamyx subscription to 1mb or else you have to pay full for half speed.

  39. Soggoque says:

    Almost a month ago when i first using BolehVPN my BT download speed was awesome, at average-420kBps for my 4mbps streamyx connection. since 22nd nov, my connection was down to ~50kBps. Damn! Trying my best now to make some complains on CFM site and SKMM. Will they take some action? will they help?… lets just try…

  40. sayboon says:

    Same here, used to get 160+ now about 50KB/s but gets to full speed in the wee hours. Wonder when I will get back my full speed?

  41. mei says:

    1mb user for http e.g adrive <5kbps……..crying!

  42. mei says:

    doing speedtest on KL 900kbps on cyberjaya 10kbps!!!unbelievable!!!!!!!

  43. Soh says:

    I am 1mb package, previously i can get 160-185kbs when download http file, now i just get around 30-50kbs! it is unfair!

  44. XEQ says:

    Internally, they call this “CR Enforcement”. Package currently being rolled out in stages. Cap will be triggered once International traffic utilization reaches a certain level. Officially, cap should be only 10% of subscribed speed. So, “count ourselves lucky” that we’re only being capped a flat 512 kbps… Cap will automagically disappear once the International traffic utilization drops below a certain level. International traffic congestions usually occur between 8pm to 12am, but can occur any time (and the cap will step in).

    The cap limit is TOTAL, does not matter how many different PREMIUM data feeders you have (this user has more than 2), across all protocols (HTTP, FTP, NNTP, Yellow Pee, Green Pea, etc), and blind to all sites, even for Microsoft Updates and Virus signatures. Speed tests from tm.net.my servers will return your subscribed speeds (and register 100% good).

    However, perhaps there is a bit of hope… Research has shown that if you use a particular feature from Layer 7 AND tweak the part BETWEEN Layers 4 and 5 of the OSI 7-layer model, something can happen. Playing around with Layer 7 alone will not grok (sorry, BolehVPN). Further communication on this subject WILL BE IGNORED.

    Perhaps MCMC/SKMM should know why there is no official announcement about this impending action? Should those who have YEARLY PAID SUBSCRIPTIONS to data feeders be compensated for the remaining MONTHS of unusable/crippled service?

    Streamyx user here.

  45. Calvin says:

    Walao , you guys also kena ..
    i kena this Last Saturday after i update my games ..
    i normally do my Anime Video Streaming on Weekends ..
    At least if slow , i can still wait ..
    But this is PLAIN DC after it load untill half or couple of minutes ..
    Other than that , i find my Download speed lower then before ..
    1Mbps , Kuala Lumpur .. FUXMYX <3

  46. E.D. says:

    On Streamyx 4MB and the cap still exists til this day in 2015. 50KB/s cap per TCP connection.
    When you call them on 100 they deny everything and blame the user.

    Absolutely disgusting.

  47. Eddie Loh says:

    I try google youtube 50kb/s, this is the first post I realize, seems the problem has been exists for so long ago…until 2015 still

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