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February 19, 2008
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Thriller for Inmates

This clip is taken from a practice session of inmates in Cebu, Phillipines. It’s for real! Now this is what I call meaningful rehabilitation. These guys were rioting due to horrible prison conditions (such as housing 2000 people in what was meant to be a 200 person facility) and in line with many major changes in the way the prison was run, they turned hardened criminals into people who were out to have fun, enjoyed what they did and strived to get it right. That’s a real achievement for both the security consultant who masterminded this whole program along with the prisoners who from a negative mindset became forward looking individuals.

Sure it may not be all that productive, sure it may not be the best show but in my opinion it’s an excellent way to have inmates bond with each other, learn about cooperation and being a part of a society. And it’s sure hella entertaining!

For full details on their rehab program and how it all started. Click here and the Wikipedia entry. Also view their blog with much more vids including the Haruhi dance! Zomgz…these guys are sporting.


  1. freeman says:

    zombie dancing and that was really nice rehab ^^

  2. mcmicheal says:

    Oh man… its cool
    Its like pro dance group…

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