Please ensure you have completed the OpenVPN installation first.

Utorrent is an excellent torrent client which is almost universally supported by all trackers. If you’re a Windows user, this is our preferred torrent client. Linux users can also use this client through WINE.

We highly recommend uTorrent 2.2.1 as the previous uTorrent 2.2 had stability issues with SOCKS Proxies and as such please use the latest stable uTorrent 2.2.1 which fixes this problem.
Also, previous versions of uTorrent leak connections outside the proxy and therefore are not recommended.


1) In Utorrent, go to Options/Preferences/Connection

  • Use the settings below and change the highlighted portions as per the screenshot.
  • The listening port may be left to default settings (yours may differ from mine) unless you know what you are doing.
  • Remember to change your PROXY SERVER port from 8080 which is the default to 1080. This is NOT the same as the listening port!
  • IMPORTANT NOTE: Selecting Resolve hostnames through proxy and Disable all local DNS lookups improves privacy but may slowdown the time it takes for you to establish connections to the tracker. It is up to you whether to tick them or untick them.

Click on Apply and then OK to save.


2) To test if your settings are correct, download this Ubuntu torrent.

Give it a few minutes to pick up. You should be seeing speeds around 80% or more of your max speed.

You do not need to complete downloading the Ubuntu torrent. It is a Linux operating system that always has a good number of seeders and we are using it merely as a test download file to verify that your VPN is working correctly. You are NOT expected to install or finish downloading this file and it is safe to delete it if you are done testing.


3) Enjoy the Speed! Here is a screenshot of me downloading Ubuntu using a 2.0 mbit connection.

4) If you are experiencing slow speeds, please refer here and perform the necessary steps before submitting a tech support request.