Mac Installation

Step 02 : Installation of BolehVPN-GUI

BolehVPN-GUI is our customized program to connect to our VPN servers and retrieve our configuration files automatically. This eliminates the need to manually add/edit the configuration files as you did with the Tunnelblick client.

This will only work for Mac OS 10.6.8 and above. If you are using OS X Leopard (10.5.0) and below, please refer to our Tunnelblick guide here, as our client could not support those versions.


Download BolehVPN-GUI

  1. First of all, download BolehVPN GUI for Mac v1.2.3
  2. Double click the downloaded file and drag the icon into your Applications Folder. You can do this within the finder window as shown.

  3. Start the application by double-clicking the in your Application finder window.
  4. Upon running the program for the first time, you will be prompted to enter your root password. This is needed in order to set it up.

  5. You will now be prompted to enter in your username and password. This is the same username and password that you use to login into our order page.

  6. By default, the configuration files and certificates will be updated on every startup. This can be changed easily by going to the Settings tab. Here you can configure the GUI to your liking.

  7. Once it has successfully updated you will see a dropdown list with multiple VPN options. For starters, you can try connect via FullyRouted-All to see if there are any glitches. Select FullyRouted-All from the list and then click Connect.

  8. Give it a few moments and congratulations, you should now be connected! You can double check your ip address by visiting this link.

  9. Now before you go on, please click Disconnect and proceed to the next page to learn what does the different configuration mean!

For users who do not wish to use BolehVPN-GUI and wish to use the default Tunnelblick software click here.


BolehVPN-GUI is our proprietary program that merely acts as graphical user interface to simplify the VPN setup process.

Its backbone however is based off the following open source technologies and code which are freely available and open to inspection:

XOR Patch for xCloak by haggismn

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