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December 13th, 2013

At BolehVPN, we’re always working hard to evolve and produce new features for you. Today, we’re proud to announce our new BolehGeo feature!

Simply put, this allows you to access geo-locked websites such as Hulu, Veoh, and Pandora, without having to connect through a VPN. This eliminates the overhead inherent in using a VPN.

However, this feature is strictly for surfing and streaming. You won’t get the privacy and security benefits that a VPN provides.

We have tested this list of streaming services and found that they work well with this new feature.

1. Hulu
2. Netflix
3. Hulu Plus
4. HBOgo
5. Pandora
6. Fox
7. Crunchyroll
8. CBS
9. Youtube

If you have any suggestions or recommendations for new additions, please do let us know at [email protected]

We’re releasing this for our 2 Year Package subscribers to test out first! If you’re one of them, you should have received an email from us with a guide on getting started. If you’re not, don’t worry, we’ll roll this out to you soon! Our 2 year package will still be around up till the 31st of December, if you really can’t wait.

How secure is WhatsApp?

December 3rd, 2013

downloadWhatsApp is the clear leader in messaging on mobiles with over 300 million active users monthly. Yet WhatsApp’s security history has been less than exemplary and they seem to show an utter disregard for user’s privacy. For example, in a joint Canadian-Dutch probe, it was found that WhatsApp not only uploads the phone numbers of non-app users from your address book, but stores them perpetually though it appears that this has been subsequently fixed.

WhatsApp in July 2013 also had a SSL vulnerability exposed that could allow Paypal/Google Wallet details to be exposed when paying for its services.

Another important question is, are your conversations secure? The official stand in the FAQ sounds pretty good in theory:



Note that WhatsApp prior to August 2012 did not even encrypt their messages. Everything was sent in plaintext which could be easily intercepted and read. If you were using WhatsApp on Wi-Fi, anyone could snoop the airwaves and read what you were sending and receiving word for word. In fact tools such as WhatsAppSniffer were designed to be able to intercept these messages so it was pretty darn easy for the average Joe to do so.

Subsequently, WhatsApp implemented encryption but very poorly, leaving your mobile number still unencrypted and worse, using your IMEI number or your MAC address as a basis for their cryptographic keys (in layman terms, passwords). This is a bad idea since MAC addresses and IMEIs can be easily discovered.



WhatsApp subsequently fixed this as well but its woes do not end! Thijs Alkemade, a Dutch mathematics and computer science student, as recent as October 2013, found more security flaws that render WhatsApp’s encryption useless and to date, there has been no official comment or fix from WhatsApp.

So what other alternative IM clients are there that are secure?

BBM which is now also available on Android and iOS is possibly the best widespread alternative with high grade security though there are questions as to how it would comply with government requests as it has been pressured by India into revealing its cryptographic keys so that the Indian government can spy on BBM messages. Furthermore the Snowden leaks do indicate that the NSA does have some capability against BBM. iMessage is probably ok for casual security but can be broken by authorities. WeChat is horrible security wise and probably can be compelled by the Chinese authorities to hand over data. LINE is even worse whereby messages are sent in plaintext.

Silent Circle is excellent with a very high security and privacy focus but it requires a monthly fee. Threema and Chat Secure are interesting alternatives but adoption remain low. There is no one app that offers both widespread adoption and high security (though if I had to pick, it would be BBM). I hazard a guess that no one would stop using WhatsApp from this article however if you do want to speak on sensitive matters, use a different IM client.

The NSA knows what porn you’ve been watching

November 28th, 2013

In the latest round of leaks by Snowden, it looks like the NSA may also know what porn you’ve been watching! The NSA has been collecting evidence of alleged Islamic extremists visits to pornographic sites and has considered using this information to discredit such extremists.




It was noted that none of these individuals which were monitored were accused of being involved in terror plots but merely identified as radicalizers that promote Jihad through incendiary speeches, Youtube, Facebook and other social media. This raises serious questions as to how much data the NSA is collecting on everyone which seems to encompass almost all aspects of our life. Furthermore those of us who are not US citizens appear to have no rights or protection on these types of surveillance.


Further details can be found in the Huffington post’s detailed report here.


Anonymous takes on the Singapore Government after erroneous reporting

November 4th, 2013


The hacker network known as Anonymous had previously threatened to attack the Singapore government in the event it implements its Internet Regulatory Framework.

The Internet Regulatory Framework in short, will require sites “that report regularly on issues relating to Singapore and have significant reach” among local readers to apply for individual licenses, which will be subject to annual renewal. These sites post a “performance bond” of 50,000 Singapore dollars, and remove any objectionable content within 24 hours of receiving a government order. Those requirements complement existing protocols for sites in Singapore, which are automatically granted a “class license” that binds them to rules banning material deemed objectionable on grounds of morality, security, public interest and social harmony in the multi-ethnic island nation.

After the New Straits Time Singapore reported the news erroneously as an attack on ‘Singapore’, Anonymous attacked the following websites which were barely accessible during the period of attack, GOV.SG (list via DiarySG2 youtube page).

This was the post Anonymous made on the NST website:

Image credit to

Image credit to

Dear ST: You just got hacked for misleading the people!

Greetings Irene Tham &,

I am The Messiah from the Anonymous Collective. We are a decentralized non-violent resistance movement, which seeks to restore the rule of law and fight back against the organized criminal class. We oppose any form of internet censorship among other things.

Allow me to explain our intrusion.

Earlier today upon discovering the existence of a Youtube video of ours (click here), a straitstimes correspondent by the name of Irene Tham chose to publicize an article distorting our words and intentions (click here). She chose to conveniently modify the sentence “war against the Singapore Government” into “war against Singapore”.

That in our opinion can be very misleading and unfortunately we suspect that must have been her intentions. Look what she made us do! :(

Irene Tham, since you had the ignorant nerve of invading our world (the internet) to speak blasphemous lies, then we took it upon ourselves to invade your tiny little space to voice our issues over a few matter. We sincerely hope you wont mind.


1) So dear SPH, in regards to Irene Tham, we will give her 48 hours to make an apology to the citizens of Singapore for trying to mislead them with her hate. In the event she refuses to apologize then we expect her resignation.  If those demands are met we will be on our way. But in the event our demands are not met in the next 48 hours, we will place you in our “to do” list and next time you wont be let off this easy.

2) Next we would like the attention of the PAP community foundation that was involved with the baby scalding incident. We demand that you make known to the public your investigation details and discoveries. We advise you to do that before attempting to reappear on the internet. This is to save yourselves the trouble of taking it down again.

3) To those disappointed in us for not intervening in the Dhinesh Chandran case, allow us to explain. Anonymous have been watching this case for a while now. We feared that our aggressive protesting methods could affect the verdict of the appeal. This can be very disastrous if miscalculated.  So now,  Anonymous would like to appeal on behalf of the mother of Dhinesh Chandaran to the High Courts and AGC to give her the closure she requires.

Your verdict will demonstrate the level of humanity our justice system has on the low & middle class citizens. We will be watching, that we promise.

4) In regards to the murder of Tammy the puppy by Dr Esmee Koh from The Animal Clinic. All we can say to Dr Esmee Koh is that you are f****d. This we take personally and we have decided to attack you in ways you least expect. Making it a touch more personal. Stay excited!

5) In regards to CHC and Pastor Satan Kong Hee, we have time. :)

6) Finally to the Singaporeans who are behind us, we salute you! :) For the rest who are more distracted on unnecessary details such as deciphering the software we use, graphic we use or criticizing our skill sets. We genuinely sympathize with your inability to see the bigger picture and also your deep seeding insecurities. Nonetheless, we will fight on the behalf of your freedom.

The media has also misled our intentions by stating that we had plans to attack the infrastructure of Singapore on the 5th of November. That is ONLY our intention if the internet framework gets implemented. Not otherwise.

Instead on the 5th of November, we shall paint the streets red and black with our attires and when you see your fellow comrades in black and red, smile and shake their hand. Let us use that day to demonstrate our new undivided unity even in the amidst of all our differences. This is a very important stage in regaining your freedom.

Join us!

We will keep you posted on developments in Singapore when 5th November rolls about.


Australian Embassies: Spying on us

October 31st, 2013

News has just broken that Australian embassies and High Commissions are being used as part of a US-led global spying network. These reports come fresh on the heels of news that the USA conducted spying on foreign leaders, including allied government heads such as Angela Merkel.

The embassies house clandestine surveillance facilities, operated by the top secret Defence Signals Directorate, and intercept calls, telecommunications  and internet traffic across Asia. Australian News corp, Fairfax Media, has been informed that this takes place in embassies in Jakarta, Bangkok, Hanoi, Beijing and Dili, High Commissions in Kuala Lumpur and Port Moresby, as well as other diplomatic posts.

These revelations are due to a leaked report from Edward Snowden, as well as a former Australian intelligence officer who confirmed surveillance activities are carried out in the Asia Pacific region.

While not a major issue for the average citizen, this shows the extent to which  surveillance activities are conducted and how routine it is, even between allies.  This isn’t a recent epidemic either, France in the 80′s was one of the biggest culprits of industrial spying even on the USA.

Sources: SMH, WAToday