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Update on IPT Freeleech 18 July 2014

July 18th, 2014

Managed to speak to IPT Founder yesterday, he had a personal matter to attend to and therefore could not finish coding. He’s resumed coding and hope to hear from him soon.

Help us redesign the new BolehVPN Client!

July 17th, 2014

Hey guys!

We’re looking into redesigning our client with new features, new themes and a new layout. Right now we have three different designs, that we want YOUR opinion on. That’s right! You get to help us choose what the client will look like.

Check out the different designs below, and vote in the poll at the bottom! You can also leave suggestions and feedback in the comments section!

Design One

boleh-vpn-gui1-welcome boleh-vpn-gui1-dashboard


Design Two


boleh-vpn-gui2-dashboard-connected boleh-vpn-gui2-welcome boleh-vpn-gui2-dashboard


Design Three

boleh-vpn-gui3-dashboard-gray boleh-vpn-gui3-welcome boleh-vpn-gui3-dashboard-blue



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Update on IPT 16 July 2014

July 16th, 2014

I haven’t been able to get hold of IPT’s founder and it’s been a day since his staff have seen him.

Have dropped him an e-mail, IRC and Skype.

I was told that it’s possible that’s he’s been busy with an issue that IPT was facing yesterday and perhaps that’s why he hasn’t come on but assured me that he usually will get things done.

Be patient we’re doing our best.

15 July 2014 IPT Update

July 15th, 2014

Dear Valued Customers,

The Founder of IPT is still working on the custom IPT donate page but he’s been hard to contact. IPT invites also have not yet been replenished (but will be done as soon as I catch him again). Will give you a status update as soon as I can provide one. Thank you for your patience in the matter.

Additionally, in the event a 180 day or 365 day subscriber has less than 30 days left in his VPN package (no exceptions here), he would have to renew his VPN subscription before being eligible for the IPT donate page when it is up. This cuts a balance between ensuring access to the bonus page to as many people as possible and also ensuring that the customer is a valid BolehVPN customer to be entitled to the bonus.

Best Regards,

Final IPT Solution

July 12th, 2014

After speaking with the founder of IPT, we have worked out a final solution.


We will continue giving out invites to those who request for it provided they are 180 day subscribers and above. For those who have been customers with us for 2 years or more but have been taking subscriptions of 30-60 days at a time and with a generally unbroken subscription will be considered on a case by case basis.

This is given free and is normally a 20 USD value. Users who have their accounts terminated or suspended by IPT will not get another invite so this is a one time gift.


To be entitled for freeleech, you would need an active 180 day or 365 day package.

A special donation page will be made available upon request by opening a support ticket with us and letting us know your IPT username. We will add you to a whitelist which will allow you to donate to IPT and get FreeLeech at the following prices:

6 months: 50 USD (Normal Price: 150 USD)
12 months: 80 USD (Normal Price: 300 USD)

These monies go directly to IPT and do not pass through us. We are not taking any cut from this but will be used by IPT to support the site. Once you have redeemed your freeleech, you will lose access to the donation page until your next renewal with us and the process is repeated as above.

What does this mean?

The days of free freeleech are over. It was good while it lasted but it was taken for granted and abused and there is no way I can convince IPT to allow it to happen again. As such there needs to be individual accountability and this is achieved by everybody having their own IPT accounts. It is noted that you can still use IPT without the freeleech option but from time to time take advantage of the freeleech offer to help you rebuild your ratio.

As for the pricing, this was decided by the IPT founder and is at a massive discount from the normal price. I had originally asked for a lower price but he was not agreeable. This will allow people to support IPT with their donations and to make it worthwhile for them to continue the arrangement while locking down on abusers. It is also hoped that with IPT freeleech now requiring donations, it would make people think twice before sharing their accounts or torrents.

Please note that no one is obliged to take the IPT or freeleech offer and should be viewed as a discount option rather than a free gift.

When will this be Available?

I was told to give him until Tuesday to affect the necessary coding to make this happen. Until then we’ll resume handing out invites to eligible customers upon request.