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Final IPT Solution

July 12th, 2014

After speaking with the founder of IPT, we have worked out a final solution.


We will continue giving out invites to those who request for it provided they are 180 day subscribers and above. For those who have been customers with us for 2 years or more but have been taking subscriptions of 30-60 days at a time and with a generally unbroken subscription will be considered on a case by case basis.

This is given free and is normally a 20 USD value. Users who have their accounts terminated or suspended by IPT will not get another invite so this is a one time gift.


To be entitled for freeleech, you would need an active 180 day or 365 day package.

A special donation page will be made available upon request by opening a support ticket with us and letting us know your IPT username. We will add you to a whitelist which will allow you to donate to IPT and get FreeLeech at the following prices:

6 months: 50 USD (Normal Price: 150 USD)
12 months: 80 USD (Normal Price: 300 USD)

These monies go directly to IPT and do not pass through us. We are not taking any cut from this but will be used by IPT to support the site. Once you have redeemed your freeleech, you will lose access to the donation page until your next renewal with us and the process is repeated as above.

What does this mean?

The days of free freeleech are over. It was good while it lasted but it was taken for granted and abused and there is no way I can convince IPT to allow it to happen again. As such there needs to be individual accountability and this is achieved by everybody having their own IPT accounts. It is noted that you can still use IPT without the freeleech option but from time to time take advantage of the freeleech offer to help you rebuild your ratio.

As for the pricing, this was decided by the IPT founder and is at a massive discount from the normal price. I had originally asked for a lower price but he was not agreeable. This will allow people to support IPT with their donations and to make it worthwhile for them to continue the arrangement while locking down on abusers. It is also hoped that with IPT freeleech now requiring donations, it would make people think twice before sharing their accounts or torrents.

Please note that no one is obliged to take the IPT or freeleech offer and should be viewed as a discount option rather than a free gift.

When will this be Available?

I was told to give him until Tuesday to affect the necessary coding to make this happen. Until then we’ll resume handing out invites to eligible customers upon request.

Testing out a new country!

July 10th, 2014

Hey guys! We’ve just brought online a new server in Taiwan. We’ll be testing this out and seeing how well this performs as well as how popular it is with you. Please update your keys and configs from the Settings tab of the BolehVPN client (hit Update Configurations), or update them manually if you’re on a custom setup.


Let us know how you like this server! Depending on how well it goes, we may or may not make it a permanent server.

Update on IPT Status 9 July 2014: Good news

July 9th, 2014

Dear Customers,

I am pleased to inform you that I have gotten hold of IPT’s founder and we briefly talked. He is away on a business trip and will only be free to talk once when he returns but I believe we can work something out. We did work out some preliminary details which looks very positive but until we finalize this, I rather not say too much and give any false hope. Most likely there will be a small fee for this add-on service that will go directly to IPT but an offer that can only be worked through us.

We hope to finalize the alternative in the next 3-4 days and ask for your patience. The delay is due to him still being away on the business trip and possible code changes that need to be made.

I have yet to decide who exactly should be eligible as to whether it would be a limited number of users who understand that this isn’t part of our service and to keep it small and cosy or continue to offer it to all customers with long term subscriptions. In either case, I will no longer be offering it to customers who have subscriptions that are lower than 180 days.

Best Regards,

Update on IPT Status for 8 July 2014

July 8th, 2014

Dear Customers,

Our support team and several e-mails addressed to me have been pushing for an update on what’s the current status. This is just a detailed breakdown of what we’re been doing to resolve the situation and also to address some concerns and insults hurled at us.

Firstly, I’ve dropped an e-mail, Skype, and IRCed the IPT Founder but the other admins have not seen him in more than 24 hours. They have promised to let him know that I’m looking for him. I have done this several times. However, I have not received any word from them.

Secondly, I’ve received a minority of nasty e-mails saying that I’m hiding behind the fact that IPT was offered as a free gift. No where in our front page or advertising material do we advertise that we’re providing IPT access and it is very seldom mentioned unless directly asked or in personal support queries. Actually, no I’m not hiding behind the fact. It is the fact. IPT is a free gift offered at no extra charge and it was because of my friendship with the founder that made it happen. We have no other connection or affiliation with them. In fact,  it’s a horrible deal for IPT. I do understand that many have subscribed to BolehVPN because of IPT but it was never what I consider a paid part of our service. Of course I understand your disappointment as is my disappointment as well but to say that I’m not doing more and that I am obliged to restore access is crossing the line. If I cannot contact IPT’s founder, and he hasn’t responded, what else can I do on IPT’s side? None of the other administrators have the right to arrange this deal as only the founder has the power to do this. I unfortunately do not live in the same country as him and therefore can’t drive to his house and extort him to restore access.

I also refuse to give out the IPT Founder’s details as he guards his privacy jealously and understandably so. In fact, having you guys spam him or the IPT forums directly reduces the chances of having the deal happen. So if you want to spam their forums, go ahead, but what you’re doing is hurting our chances of the deal. There are already existing paid ways to directly pay to IPT and get upload credit. For a princely sum of 100 USD you  get 250 gb of upload credit, 3 invites and 6 months of VIP status. Think of it this way, IPT was only offering this deal to us because of friendship. The invites he allowed me to extend to you were also of friendship which would have also normally costed 20 USD a piece. We’ve had this arrangement for years despite many set backs and I’m thankful that he was patient this far. Why would he offer to you guys directly a deal that would be unfair to the rest of IPT users who have paid through their existing scheme?

We have also tried contacting other private trackers but without any personal relationship it isn’t a very good deal as most of these sites have their own mechanisms in paying for upload credit so there’s no reason to supplant that. In fact, IPT does allow payments for upload credit. Freeleech is no longer offered as an option as previously.

We were also looking at revamping our seedbox packages and also perhaps giving the opportunity for our users to seed back using our seedboxes. However this takes time and setup as well.

Be patient, give us time. If you have to move on to another VPN service because of this, by all means. Nothing is stopping you but we won’t be entertaining refunds because of this matter. All I can say is that I’m doing my best and that impatience and trying to take matters into your own hands will only make things worse. This will be my final word on the matter and I will not be responding personally to matters that are already dealt with in this post. Also, we are running out of invites fast (and although IPT founder has agreed to replenish it as and when needed), until we are replenished we may run out. I was hoping this would only be a stop gap solution.

To those of you who expressed support and understanding, thank you very much. It means a lot to us. We are working hard on it and will keep you posted.

Best Regards,

DDoS attack on Customer Portal mitigated for now

July 7th, 2014

We have implemented some new rules to deal with the DDoS attack and are seeing how it holds.

You may experience a slight delay when logging in but otherwise should be unaffected.