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Saturday, July 26th, 2014

Update IPT Solution Beta Test 26 July 2014

To all current BolehVPN IPTorrent account users. Please keep your ratio above 0.2 in order to view the BolehVPN Special Donation.

If your ratio is below 0.2, you will not able to see the BolehVPN Special Donation even after we have added your IPTorrent username to the whitelist.

In that case, please send us an email stating your IPTorrent Username and we’ll send an email to IPT to fix your ratio in order for you to donate for the Freeleech status. Please stop all downloads so that your ratio is above 0.2.

Happy Downloading!

Friday, July 25th, 2014

BolehVPN scores “100% Clean” rating by Software Informer!

Our BolehVPN client has always been continuously improved and upgraded to bring new features and bug fixes to you. Today, we’ve received word from our friends at Software Informer that they’ve done rigorous testing on our client and found it to be 100% clean of any viruses or nasty surprises.

You can see the award they’ve given us below:
Software Informer Virus Free award

As a bonus, we’ve also got our client hosted on their servers in case you need a mirror:

Software Informer Download

Monday, July 21st, 2014

IPT Solution Beta Test minor Fix

The mysterious disappearing list has been fixed.

As usual for those that read this post, drop us an e-mail in the following format:

BolehVPN username:
IPT username:
Package Subscribed:
Expiry Date:

Once we’ve activated you, it would take about an hour for a new option in the Donate section to show up that would show the BolehVPN special. Click on Donate and you’ll see the new freeleech options.

If you have not gotten an email response, please be patient as we have been bombarded by emails.

Monday, July 21st, 2014

Update on IPT Solution Beta Test

There is another issue where we are adding BolehVPN’s IPT users account to a list in order for you to see 2 Special Donation options for BolehVPN IPT users. After a few minutes the list disappears.

We have contacted IPT to fix the issue. We’ll be adding the usernames back into the list once it has been fixed.

Sunday, July 20th, 2014

IPT Solution Beta Test Situation

There has been a slight issue with the Donation price of the Special BolehVPN IPT Freeleech Status.

During checkout, the price will state $45 USD on both Donation packages which should be $50 for 6 months and $80 for 1 Year.

We have contacted IPT to check on this matter. Stay Tuned for an update!