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Friday, March 9th, 2012

Telekom Malaysia having nationwide issues

For those of you whose ISP is Telekom Malaysia, we have been experiencing and receiving reports of intermittent connectivity and slowdowns since late last night till now. There appears to be no official announcement from TM as of yet.

Friday, December 2nd, 2011

AAG Fault finally repaired on 1 December 2011

It appears that the AAG fault that happened way back in early October has been finally restored after almost 2 months of repair. This probably explained the high loss and connectivity problems yesterday which was experienced by Malaysian users (and perhaps other users in the SE Asian region who are members of the AAG) as they were rerouting it back through the AAG. The problem appeared to disappear late yesterday and currently we aren’t observing any degradation in speeds.

Thursday, October 13th, 2011

On circumcision and ISPs (P1 and TM sign HSBB agreement)

Malaysians especially those in West Malaysia would be familiar with the “Sudah Potong” campaign held by P1 a wireless Wimax broadband provider.

For the non-Malaysian subscribers, “sudah potong” directly translates to “Have you cut it?” cutting off your existing fixed-line broadband system but also makes an innuendo implying circumcision which is a requirement for Muslim men.

This was a direct attack on Telekom Malaysia which is by a huge margin the largest fixed-line internet provider in Malaysia but often criticized for its poor level of service. Subscribing to P1 which was on a separate network was apparently supposed to be faster and hence their main selling point.

Here’s a video of P1’s campaign:

What is funny right now is that P1 and TM have now signed an agreement whereby P1 is tapping into TM’s high speed broadband network to expand its connectivity which was bound to happen given TM’s virtual monopoly over broadband connectivity.

TM’s official twitter account posted this in response:

“Sambung Balik” means ‘connect back’. Ouch…touché!

Friday, October 7th, 2011

Estimated Date for AAG Cable Repairs

Following a tweet from @TMcorp, the repairs are expected to progress between 23-29 October. Customers are expected to face service degradation while accessing servers in… well, everywhere else.

The original tweet as follows:

Cable faults on AAG will b repaired by consortium mbrs frm 23-29Oct. Cust may exp svc degradn when accessg cntnt hosted in US,North Asia&EU.

So your question’s “Why would it take so long?” Quoting them again:

Cos it takes time for our consortium mmbrs to get to the loc u c,as d loc of d affected cble is situated somewhere far.

A new tweet about a temporary solution.

While consortium mmbrs work 2 restore d AAG cable, traffic r being diverted 2 other alt routes via North Asia&EU to alleviate d congestion.


Tuesday, October 4th, 2011

Upgrading Of TM Customer Service Support System

Also, for those of you who usually likes to drop a phone call on Streamyx’s customer service, there’s a scheduled upgrade going on according to this.






3 – 7 October  2011


Upgrading of customer service support system

State of Kelantan, Terengganu, Kedah and N Sembilan

Delay in processing new applications and service upgrade requests for  customers in the affected areas. However, we will continue to accept customer applications, which will be processed as soon as the upgrading activity is completed.

Please click HERE for the FAQ

8 – 9 October   2011


Upgrading of customer service support system

All States in Malaysia

Delay in processing complaint and trouble ticket for customers in the affected areas. However, we will continue to accept customer complaint and fault reporting which will be attended to as soon as the upgrading activity is completed.

Please click HERE for the FAQ